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Teleperformance Academy, a place that inspires: to learn, to teach, to grow. Teleperformance Academy is a facility exclusively designed for training initiatives. We give great importance to hiring well and training well. To do so, we’ve established a unique environment that brings out the best in people. It provides the best spaces designed to inspire the transfer of knowledge and stimulate learning. 


Buildings with bright classrooms, spaces with natural lighting, equipped with individual and modern tools to support the learning process for our people. We strongly believe that an inspiring environment helps our training processes and makes it possible for us to attract and hold the most talented people.

Training Programs

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JUMP! is a development program created to identify and prepare high-potential employees to take on leadership positions in the company. The objective is to prepare employees to become leaders: from agents to supervisors, from supervisors to coordinators and, finally, from coordinators to managers. The JUMP! program is based on a training program that offers technical and behavior training, as well as personal development plans. 


The development of our skilled group of employees is a strategic move for Teleperformance. It guarantees the recognition of our talents, the quality of our leadership and the best possible use of our training methodologies.


The program makes clear to all of our employees what the company expects from them and how they can grow with us. Teleperformance also offers employees special support and orientation in the development of their career plans.

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