Tips Portugal – a set of simple and practical notes you should not forget when exploring the country and its glamorous weather, the amazing historical heritage and the cultural traditions that will make you fall in love.

Tips Portugal – Some important notes about this country known for the sunny weather, as well as incredible food, splendid wines, impressive cultural heritage and friendly population. If you are planning to visit Portugal, you should be aware of some useful wearables and also some important tips to make your life easier when exploring and sightseeing. Smart up your journey by following Tips Portugal simple but effective guidelines.

Tips Portugal

Comfortable shoes

You will need some walking strategy. The traditional Portuguese cobblestone pavement that you can find all over Lisbon and Porto, the two main cities, advises against the use of high heels and requests some cozy and comfortable surroundings for your feet. Sportswear or even sandals will be your best choice.

Sunshine protection

The weather is usually sunny and temperate, but it can get really hot at times. Tips Portugal recommends some wearables like sunscreen, sunglasses, a bottle of water to refresh yourself and even a prominent hat. Then just comfortably embrace the clear skies and pristine daylight which are so typical from Portuguese forecast.

Light clothes

Be sure to include light clothes on your Tips Portugal plan, in order to fully enjoy the Portuguese gastronomy. The country is known for the unique and especially diversified food and wine culture that you cannot miss. Codfish is a must but also try Pastel de Nata, if you stay in Lisbon, and Francesinha, when visiting Porto. You will probably eat a lot more than you are expecting! Light clothes will allow room for some excesses.

Tips Portugal

A translation dictionary

This will help keep in touch with the friendly population. If you can fire up some Portuguese words you will be rewarded with intense smiles. It’s worth it. Be aware tough about the different accents. If you can also manage the regional spelling, you will gain some extra points with the locals.

An Open Mind

This one is by far the strongest Tips Portugal advice. It’s a lovely country to visit and has lots of places to explore, from the countryside to the incredible coast and fine beaches. Lisbon and Porto are the two prime destinations and the ones you should consider not only for travelling but also as a place to live and to build a bright and sunny future.

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