Learn Portuguese if you are planning to visit Portugal. It’s a good idea to make yourself comfortable with the language, at least the basics to get you going and communicate with the local population. In this article, you can take a look at the list of terms you will need the most.

Learn Portuguese: most used greetings and salutations words:

Hello – Olá

How are you doing? – Como está?

Goodbye – Adeus

Good morning – Bom dia

Good afternoon – Boa tarde

Good night – Boa noite


While you learn Portuguese, please mind your manners

Please – Por favor

You’re welcome – De nada

Excuse me – Com licença

Thank you – Obrigado

Sir – Senhor

Madam – Senhora

Nice to meet you – Prazer em conhecê-lo


Portuguese useful words to use all around

A coffee please – Um café, por favor

Water – Água

Wine – Vinho

Beer – Cerveja

Breakfast – Pequeno-almoço

Lunch – Almoço

Dinner – Jantar

Reservation – Reserva

Bathroom – Casa de banho

The bill, please – A conta, por favor

Learn English

Learn portuguese

Words for Shopping:

How much – Quanto custa

Do you accept credit card – Aceita cartão de crédito

One – Um

Two – Dois

Three – Três

Four – Quatro

Five – Cinco

Six – Seis

Seven – Sete

Eight – Oito

Nine – Nove

Ten – Dez


Portuguese language Essentials:

Yes – Sim

No – Não

What’s your name? – como te chamas?

My name is… – O meu nome é…

I came from… – Venho de…

Where is…? – Onde fica…?

How to i get to… – Como chego a…

I don’t understand – Não entendo

What time is it? – Que horas são?


The last resource (if nothing else is working):

Do you speak English? – Fala inglês?

I am sorry but I don’t speak Portuguese – Desculpe, mas não falo português

Learn Portuguese

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