Are you looking for a real international experience? Teleperformance welcomes people from all over the world. Discover 5 reasons to apply for a position in Teleperformance Portugal!

If you want to apply for a position in today’s competitive market, you need to enrich your CV as much as possible. Applying for a position abroad or in a multinational company will give the skills and experience you need to be a better professional.

Relocation Package

There are a lot of important factors to consider when you apply for a position to work in another country. One of our objectives at Teleperformance Portugal is to try to make the relocation process to all our employees that are from other countries, that is why we have a relocation package.

Basically, that means that we help them in several aspects that can be difficult sometimes. When you decide to work with us in Portugal, our team will pick you up at the airport, explain you all you need to know about this new experience and try to help you with all your questions. In some cases, depending on a series of factors, our employees may be able to enjoy accommodation provided by Teleperformance. We try to make you feel like you belong in the company and country, but when you miss home, we offer you an annual flight, so you can go visit your family and friends.

Multicultural environment

We live in a global era, where there are no borders for information and there’s a deeper knowledge about several cultures. It’s healthy to be in a multicultural environment for several reasons. It makes us more respectful and understanding of cultures different than ours, we learn new languages and see things in a different view. At Teleperformance Portugal we have employees from all over the world, meaning that we have a total of 84 nationalities and 35 languages in the company! This diversity allows us to learn something new every day, bringing new ideas, perspectives and innovative ideas.

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Training and Career Opportunities

When you apply for a position it’s important in any company that the employees have the opportunity to reach their full potential and have career opportunities. With that in mind, Teleperformance Portugal organizes free training in several areas for all the employees, so they can gain new skills. Besides training programs, Teleperformance created career progression programs like JUMP, to make sure everyone can grow professionally inside the company and build a solid career.

Work-life balance

Work-life balance is crucial for everyone’s well-being. The stress from the never-ending workday is damaging for health and in Teleperformance one of our objectives is to make sure that we contribute for that balance between our employee’s personal life and their work. That’s why Teleperformance Portugal created TP Club, where throughout the year TP organizes many events where the employee’s friends and family can participate!

Good work environment

Most people spend 8 hours in their workplace, so they need conditions that make them feel well, both physically and emotionally. Teleperformance Portugal facilities were built to make the team feel comfortable. We try to give our team open spaces and plenty of natural light, as well as spacious, modern, and comfortable work and rest areas.

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