In this post you will find some useful tips to get a job promotion.

Promotion is something that interests you? Did you ever feel it was time to climb another step in your career? Are you starting to want to achieve more and grow?  Then let’s give you the essentials to get that promotion!

Every day the alarm goes off, we take care of our morning routines and go to work.

Some of us move on to our usual work, others to a new challenge. On this journey – which lead us to the front door of our job – we are welcomed by two feelings: ambition and fulfillment, which marry beautifully with what we are going to talk about in this text: promotion.

Commitment is half-way… to that promotion

It’s important to show your team and those around you that you know the DNA of the company you work for every day. Show yourself committed with the company.

If you know the place where you work and its culture, it’s half the battle to highlight a very important point to stand out: safety and self-confidence in your work.

Show your willingness to help your closest colleagues, newcomers and stand out for knowing more about your company. Surely the people around you will begin to see you as a reference for information.

On the other hand, your bosses or supervisors will start to understand that other people and employees come to you when they need to clarify something about the company. This is very positive.

Stop thinking and just act!

At this point we are going to talk a little about productivity, because we believe that it is a key element to achieve such a promotion.

Sometimes we invest too much of our time in making decisions and in giving way to the daily workload in unproductive processes: sometimes because we have issues that do not depend exclusively on us, other times because we are attacked on all fronts by numerous “triggers” that divert our attention and productivity flowing into a task.

The phone ringing, the email that was in the middle, a passage through whatsapp, a question from a colleague, are all normal situations, but you must know how to control them.

Do a simple exercise: are you the one who chooses to look at your phone 10 times a day, or is it the one who “chooses” you, vibrating because you received a new message?

It is important that external factors are controlled by us and not the other way around.

Have you ever thought about this? Probably not. They are interruptions, actions and routine acts, unconscious and already rooted. After all, the human being was designed to react to all kinds of stimuli: sonorous, visual, etc.

Can you measure and control this? Of course you can!

This will only make you become a person with more method and criteria in the optimization of your work. Try to divide your tasks into cycles. Showing that you have your work under control and organized will make you stand out and that way you will climb one more step on the ladder of such a promotion.


We grow with feedback

Asking for feedback is likely to be one of the most important factors for us to grow in our career path. Usually we tend to ask for feedback from our colleagues, supervisors and we often receive praise, other times constructive criticism that can motivate or frustrate us.

Are these two feelings related to the way people convey opinion? Or the way we ask for feedback?

Surprisingly, the second question is the right one. Look at the following example:

instead of asking “Can you give me an opinion on my performance?” you ask for advice rather than an opinion: “Can you give me your advice to improve my performance?

When we ask someone for advice, we leave them more comfortable, supportive, and open to expressing their idea/title.

In fact, this way of asking for feedback is nothing less than a play on words. However, it makes a lot of difference! It encourages the person to strive for a better and more personalized response. It is almost an invitation to collaborate, thus leading to more constructive feedback.

If we think about this example, the person who will give feedback will feel that their opinion and knowledge are important and valued. Therefore, he will put more attention on you and your question.

Be vigilant and perceive the opportunity

It is very important that we do our job, but also be alert to new opportunities. Sometimes we take our tasks for granted and end up missing some opportunities that are right in front of us.

If we combine this attention with our goals to advance in our career, it’s all right! A practical example of an opportunity or promotion here at Teleperformance is our JUMP program, which allows employees to move up or change projects.

JUMP has several advantages. In addition to being a great way to deepen your knowledge in the area, it is accompanied by a series of on going training and “step-by-step” processes to prepare the employee. Are you ready to jump? Take a look at this video that illustrates Teleperformance’s career progression opportunities.

Deepen your knowledge in your area and share it.

We have all read a good book, a good article and an excellent documentary, regardless of whether it is related to our area or not. Good messages come from many parts.

However, if you are looking for a promotion, it will be important to show that you are deepening your interests in your field.

We live in a time when access to information is at a distance of clicks and we should take advantage to nourish our knowledge to the maximum, always taking into account, of course, the sources. Because we live in a world where we are all “informants”, we run the risk of obtaining knowledge from unreliable information.

There are several tools we can use that will also help us to organize our new knowledge. It is important to organize it because in the future you can apply it in the professional field, in a meeting with your director or even in a session of knowledge transfer between colleagues.

Once again you will stand out for your taste in your area and for your interest in deepening your knowledge in it.

In short, by practicing these 5 points and stealing 3 of the 13 virtues in Franklin’s notebook (Resolution, humility and Order) you will be on the right path to… that promotion!

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