Have you ever felt the need to express yourself but you don’t know how?

Creative expression is something that many people do in order to relieve stress and feel good about themselves.

We all need to express what we feel, and that’s a good way to get a sense of emotional relief. Whether we have professional or personal problems, the way we deal with our emotions is important. Self-expression coupled with creativity is a powerful tool. Creativity is an important skill because it can help you with self-expression, that is, it provides you new ways to express yourself.

At Teleperformance Portugal, some of our employees like to express themselves creatively and so we’ve figured out a way for them to do it! We created the For Fun Festival, an annual talent show dedicated to creativity.

In this festival, we bring talent to the imagination. It gives us the opportunity to get to know each of the elements of the team through a new perspective. Whether through dance, music, painting or other forms of art, in the For Fun Festival we give a little more of ourselves to the Teleperformance family.

Meet some of our best artists:





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