Have you ever heard the expression “health at work”? This is an increasingly present theme in society and that’s a good thing!

Workers are the basis of any company and it’s necessary to ensure the best possible conditions for them to feel well on a physical and mental level.
Workers spend most of their day in the workplace. Therefore, health and wellbeing at work is something that employers should try to provide to their team as it is vital for the wellbeing of the same and consequently for their productivity.

It is possible to promote well-being at work through company initiatives, procedures and policies. An organizational culture based on a healthy environment, measures to support health and well-being in general, encourages the whole team to give their best!

TP Feel Well Clinic: Health and Care

With the wellbeing of the team in mind, Teleperformance Portugal created the TP Feel Well Clinic. This clinic includes a wellness program, with several health promotion measures. The mental health level includes clinical psychology consultations, stress management workshops and support lines. Regarding the physical health of the workers, the same are offered various consultations and the promotion of healthy habits is carried out.

Teleperformance Portugal

Remember that your health is the most important! Ensure your wellbeing wherever you are.

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