The organizational environment in the Information Era distinguishes itself by its diversity.

Considering this, at Teleperformance we care about the integration of each employee.

Diversity is the watchword, not only because a company can have people with different educational and professional backgrounds, but also because a company can have employees with hundreds of different nationalities. Integrating a new employee into your company has never been more important. At Teleperformance Portugal we live this reality every day, our team is made by 84 nationalities. We try to make every person that is part of our big family feel welcome, and this time we celebrated a very special day.

The World Refugee Day aims to send a message to governments: we must work together, in order to do our fair share on helping refugees. This is an opportunity for each and every one of us to show our support.

To celebrate the World Refugee Day, Teleperformance Portugal, distinguished for its good practices in the integration of refugees in the workplace, received Rosa Monteiro, Secretary of State for Citizenship and Equality, and Pedro Calado, Chair of the High Commissioner for Migrations.

Teleperformance Portugal
Integration in companies

“The multicultural atmosphere experienced at Teleperformance is very interesting and it is good to see new Human Resources approaches waging on diversity. As members of the Portuguese Government, we acknowledge and thank for the partnership with the project RefuJobs and for such good integration of refugee people: some that we saw today entered as agents, others have had the possibility to progress in their careers”.

Rosa Monteiro

During this visit to one of the best places to work in Portugal, the Government committee had the opportunity to talk to two Syrian employees that found at Teleperformance Portugal a new opportunity to build a stable career, in a healthy professional environment.

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