The balance between personal life and work is very important for our health, which is something not always achieved.

That’s why Teleperformance created the tp club!

Have you ever worked in a place where activities and unforgettable parties are organized almost every week? Here at Teleperformance Portugal we want everyone to relax and share moments within the team!

We all need moments to relax, these are essential for us to be more willing to work and enjoy life in full. It was with this in mind that the tp club was born, a club created by Teleperformance Portugal, which provides exclusive and memorable experiences to Teleperformance employees.

Teleperformance Events

In some of the events, our team’s family and friends can participate and enjoy good times. This is how we help our employees balance their personal and professional lives.

With our workshops, tournaments, initiatives and events, we celebrate the cultural diversity and talents of our team. Thus we reinforce the company’s philosophy and values, motivating the sharing of good times between the Teleperformance team!

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