Germany is surely a great country to work, considering the economic leadership and high levels of development and industrialization. But is that all to look for? Absolutely not! There are other things to keep in mind when deciding where to work. You will find them in Portugal.

Germany and Portugal have very different work systems and comparing them is almost an exercise in antagonism. They are two excellent countries to develop a career, but with very different characteristics.

Obviously, both have their merits and also some difficulties. You wouldn’t expect anything else. In this article we will try to find the most positive points in Germany and Portugal, so that you can make the most appropriate choices for your career.


Rigorousness and efficiency – Germany wins

Germany is known for being a country of rigorousness and efficiency, which has direct translation into the country’s economic capacity. Portugal, on the other hand, is not so connoted with the detail. But in recent years, as a result of the impressive development on technological areas, the scenario has changed and Portugal has been assimilating the best practices.

In this parameter, we would say that Germany is at the forefront, but with clear indicators of recovery by Portugal.

Technology – Tie

It is possible to say that Portugal is currently at the leadership when talking about technology, as evidenced by the development of some innovations worldwide, the settling of large international high tech companies, the number of startups that flourish in the country or the confirmation of Web Summit conference for another nine years, for example.

Naturally, Germany also stands out for being a country that develops cutting-edge technology, particularly in sectors that generate great added value. But the growth of recent years in Portugal leads us to consider a tie in this indicator.

Wages – Germany wins

There can’t be much doubt here. Wages are higher in Germany. In Portugal, despite everything, there has been a significant recovery in recent years. This effort has been driven by an increase in the minimum wage and a reduction in unemployment levels.

The growing technological profile of the country is also contributing to an appreciation of the amounts paid to workers. And it is necessary to take into account the cost of living, which in Portugal is lower.


Cost of living – Portugal wins

This is one of the parameters where Portugal leads. Germany, especially in the main urban centers, is a country that can be quite expensive, particularly in terms of residential rental. It’s true that Portugal has been under strong inflationary pressure, but even so, Lisbon and Porto do not reach the values practiced, for example, in Berlin.

Another of Portugal’s advantages is the much more affordable prices for life away from home, namely restaurants and nightlife. If in supermarkets the difference is not so significant, the same doesn’t happen when we want to relax a bit and invite friends or family to dinner.

Levels of development – Germany wins

Despite Portugal’s recent growth in several indicators, there will be no major doubts about the fact that the German economy is more developed. This is a point clearly favorable to the Germans. But Portugal, not being at the forefront in this matter, has made very significant progress.

In the coming years it is expected that this process will have some acceleration, as the technological and digital strategy that has been supported and encouraged by the authorities seems to be getting some results.

Climate – Portugal wins

Considering meteorology, few countries can compete with Portugal. The mild climate that characterizes the weather makes the country especially attractive. It is generally sunny and warm. Not too hot or too cold. The same cannot be said of Germany, where the weather conditions are, as a rule, much harsher.

That’s also why Portugal ends up with a superior quality of life, as it’s a country where natural spaces, outdoor life, the countryside and the beach are culturally enjoyed. If you want to balance your personal life with your professional responsibilities, Portugal clearly beats Germany.


Language difficulties – Portugal wins

One of the much felt demands in the German labour market is the need to speak the local language, something that many companies do not give up, and not just for senior positions. In the Portuguese case, things are a little more flexible.

Of course, to work for a multinational company, it is advisable to speak English. But it’s a much more common and widespread language. Generally, particularly if we talk about multicultural companies like Teleperformance Portugal, speaking the native language is not compulsory to be accepted for a job.

Work Life Balance – Portugal wins

We have already referred the balance between personal and professional life. This is, of course, a legitimate aim on the part of people. On this subject Germany does not have much of a chance when compared to Portugal.

Because we are not just talking about working conditions, but about a whole social and emotional context that allows us to be happy. In Portugal there is sunshine, beaches, excellent cuisine, people always ready to help…in short, a country that engages us in a positive atmosphere and that has delighted those who visit and those who stay to live.

Portugal is also one of the countries with the greatest technological development in recent years and was also considered one of the safest countries in the world. More than enough reasons to motivate people to find career opportunities.

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