There are several reasons that justify the Web Summit taking place in Portugal and for you to consider staying in the country after the Conference.

Portugal is the new Eldorado for those looking for tech jobs. The strategic bet on the part of the government authorities and the growing technological environment in the country – of which the Web Summit is a perfect example – places Portugal as one of the most favoured countries for those who want to work in the technological area.

It is also a country recognized for its quality of life (Expat Index 2019), classified as one of the safest in the world (Global Peace Index) and known for its pleasant climate and fantastic cuisine. A perfect cocktail for the development of innovative projects which is expected to remain in the coming years.


Web Summit until 2028

The consistency of this technological environment is well reflected in the fact that the Web Summit has agreed with the Portuguese Government to hold it in Portuguese territory until 2028. The conference has a strategic nature for the country’s international positioning and brings direct dividends to the economy: in the last edition, for example, the AHRESP (Portuguese Association of Hotels and Restaurants) estimated that, between overnight stays and restaurants, visitors to the Web Summit would spend around 60 million euros during the Conference. The figures should not differ much in the 2019 edition.

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The Web Summit is the international reference in terms of innovation, development of ideas and creation of startups. Each year, it attracts around 70,000 visitors, all united by the disruptive feeling that characterizes modern times. And also by people looking for tech jobs.

If you’re in Portugal to take part in the Web Summit, you can also consider staying in the country and looking for professional opportunities. The climate is in fact perfect and the timing is the most appropriate. The country seems to have overcome the difficulties and the economic indicators have transmitted good news on several fronts.

In this context, and in a scenario of falling unemployment rate, wages in Portugal go through a phase of appreciation, particularly when we talk about technological jobs, much needed for the development of business.

Teleperformance: an opportunity for tech jobs

If we talk about innovation and growth, we talk about Teleperformance Portugal. The company stands out for the introduction of robotic processes automation and the introduction of artificial intelligence in its activity, aligning with the positioning of a provider of excellence in digital services.

The world is changing at a fast pace and at Teleperformance we not only keep up with this evolution but also lead it. Employment opportunities are many in this multicultural ecosystem that stands out for its technological capacity, of course, but also for keeping a philosophy where human interaction is valued.

The company’s high tech high touch approach reflects the commitment between technology and humanity. At Teleperfomance we believe that technology should be used to support human action, automating repetitive processes and simplifying exhausting tasks. But we don’t let go of the human touch.

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