Portugal is surely a nice place to travel around. But why don’t you consider staying in the country to work? There are lots of opportunities.

Work and travel Portugal – your best choice. This is our claim, as we stand in one of the most pleasant countries in the world, weather you are travelling or looking for career opportunities. If you are visiting the Portugal, there are some late holiday advices to follow, but the strongest one is: why not staying a little longer?

Everything will obviously depend on the regions you have visited in the country. Many tourists look for the Algarve as a privileged destination to enjoy the good weather. But why not also get to know the most urban and cultural side of Portugal?

work and travel Portugal
work and travel Portugal

In that case, we would recommend visits to the cities of Porto and Lisbon. These are two of the most exciting European destinations today and reference places in terms of tourism. But they’re also two vibrant cities to live in, with lots of opportunities.

Teleperformance has several hubs in the capital, where it houses thousands of employees from 95 nationalities. More recently inaugurated its first building in Porto, a city that is increasingly sought after, whether for leisure or for work.


Work and travel Portugal – From the city to the countryside

If during your stay in Portugal you have already visited the main cities, you may be interested in getting to know less mediatic areas, but where you will atill find enough arguments to enjoy the holidays and consider staying to work. We recommend two options: Covilhã and Setúbal.

Firstly, these are two cities that also holds lots of job opportunities. Teleperformance, one of the largest employers in the country, has also established itself in Setúbal and Covilhã, having several career opportunities for those interested.

work and travel Portugal


But since we’re also talking about tourism, they’re also two very attractive places in the country. Work and travel Portugal it’s not restricted to the main cities. Covilhã, next to Serra da Estrela, is one of the highest points in the country and where there is a higher probability of snowing. Yes, it’s true, it also snows in Portugal.

The main highlight in Covilhã will be the Tower, the highest point of the Sierra. But we cannot fail to recommend the gastronomic aspect. Specifically, the Serra da Estrela Cheese, a true regional specialty and certainly one of the best cheeses in the world. It is such a charismatic product in the region that there is even a Cheese Museum in Covilhã.


In Setúbal, the profile is once again a little more summering. Located next to the Sado River, whose estuary is home to friendly dolphins that we can closely see when we pass by boat to Tróia, a bathing area of excellence, the city is 40 kilometers from Lisbon and stands out, in the gastronomic area, for its famous fried cuttlefish.

Curiously, it also produces another of the best cheeses in the world: Queijo de Azeitão, which rivals Serra da Estrela cheese as the best Portuguese and, as such, world cheeses.

Portugal is, in fact, a fantastic country to travel to. But it’s also a glamorous place to work. If you’re in the country, see the countless opportunities that Teleperformance offers you, because perhaps there’s one that fits your profile and allows you to improve your quality of life, adopting this fantastic country as a place to develop your career.

Job opportunities if you are considering staying in the country

I want to live in Portugal. How can I do it?

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