As professionals, stress appears in our lives as something normal. But is there a way to stay focused?

How to keep your cool and save some energy for after work? The truth is that there is no magic formula to do so. However, there are some simple tips that can improve your days and reduce stress at work.

Take a deep breath

When you feel some tension or nervousness, the ideal is to abstract yourself a bit. Try for a few minutes to take a deep breath. Doing that, you practice the abdominal breathing. Inhale through the nose, hold on the air for a few seconds and then expire through the mouth. Try to use the belly and not the chest to breathe. It is proven that this technique helps to relax, being one of the types of breathing practiced in yoga classes, for example.

Schedule breaks throughout the day

There is the idea that if we do all our tasks in just 8 hours, or even have more time to complete them, we end everything faster and eliminate that concern. However, instead of being more productive, the opposite is likely to happen and stress levels increase. It is advisable to take some breaks throughout the day to walk, stretch your legs and get some air. Tony Schwartz of the Energy Project says that if we have periods of intense concentration for about 90 minutes and take a short break, we do not accumulate so much stress.

Stress at work

 The World Health Organization says that some of the major risk factors for mental health workers are harassment and overwork.

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Well being at work

Employees working in a stable, stress-free environment are more creative and produce more.

Stop self-imposing stress

It is important to be self-reliant and to not be always looking for the approval of others. This increases nervousness and you lose focus of what is important: doing a good job. Focus on your work and your qualities and you will see stress reduce.

Don’t forget to sleep and eat well

A balanced diet and a good night’s sleep are crucial to lowering stress levels. When we do not eat well or don’t get enough sleep we are damaging our body, we do not have enough energy to handle all the work.

Establish priorities

With the speed with which things happen in some companies, it is important to set priorities so that we do not get lost in the middle of so much work. It is also important to understand your role in the company and its strategic priorities, so you can use your strengths to achieve your goals in an organized way.

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