Motivation is the ultimate achievement we all look for. How to find it? Why not start with a healthy office?

Starting your day in a joyful way, with motivation and willingness to work, to achieve results and fulfill your goals is everyone’s dream.

It all starts with the first “hi” of the day to a colleague and ends with a tired but rewarded smile while leaving the building. It is extremely important to have reasons to feel like this in your work life, but we all know it is not a walk in the park. Let’s take a step back to the moment you enter the office. It all starts here…and this is the part where we can help.

Check this 5 healthy tips on how to create a healthy office. Can you already feel your motivation rising?

Be kind!

If you’re the cookie monster when you wake up, it’s time for you to keep it in a cage and remember that not everyone is grumpy waking up. Your mood is a chain reaction: be kind, be pleasant, drink coffee, breath and everything will feel better!  At Teleperformance Portugal, we know that we work better when surrounded by people that are in the same “to do rollercoaster” like us. We are all in the same “focus zone” but always in contact with each other. This way we feel the good energy around us!

You are my natural light!

Roses are red, violets are blue, we want a natural light work space for you! What’s better than working with natural light? Let’s be honest, we all need a little help for our friendly lamps, but natural light connects us with the outside world! Working in closed and artificial light spaces it’s not healthy and it’s proven that influences the mood and general environment of a team. Remember, back in the days’ people were guided by the sun. At Teleperformance Portugal we believe that, in your work space, it happens almost the same but, instead, you are guided by the window. Not bad, right?

Motivation Motivation

Your desk, your bubble

It’s not only all about people, but it’s also about the elements that surround you in your working station, which leads us to a Clean Desk policy, for example! To have a clean and simplified work station helps you to keep focused, to not have worries and to keep your personal objects in a safe place. Having a messy work station will, most certainly, distract your mind and, therefore, impact your daily motivation.

Work hard to play harder

Keeping up with your colleagues, foment good relationships and a good vibe is all you should want! By other words, we are talking about Team spirit! Sharing memories and creating remarkable experiences is important, not only in our personal life, but is also fundamental in your work environment. At Teleperformance Portugal we have the TP Club program that provides our employees with a bunch of free activities to do in their free time and, consequently, helps their work motivation.

Talk-ish, dialogu-ish: the most important languages

Creating the perfect work space and stimulating your motivation is also about talking, dialoguing and matching the best work practices. Your colleague is running late, let him go first in the elevator! You need to leave earlier, talk to your manager. You have a personal problem that is interfering with your shift, remember: talk is low-priced and precious in these kind of situations. At Teleperformance Portugal, we all work to support our clients and…each other’s!

This is what motivation is all about!

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