Promoting health and wellbeing in the workplace – Teleperformance knows how to do it!

Promoting health and wellbeing in the workplace? Why not start with the incentivizing our employees to cycle to the office, instead of taking the bus or going by car?


The advantages are almost innumerable and that is why cycling has become, around the world, one of the most popular means to travel to and from work. If by one hand, when cycling, you will improve your quality of life and health, on the other hand, you will save money, release stress and contribute to a more sustainable environment. This is also why more and more companies are building the proper infrastructures to make sure that everyone has the possibility to, for example, safely park their bicycle at work, therefore investing and promoting health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Take Marta’s example. She works at Teleperformance Portugal since 2014 and loves bicycles. However, cycling in Lisbon is not the easiest task ever and it took a while for her to make the decision that turns her days in a healthier and happier routine. How? She will show you.

“I’m Marta, I’m a TP Recruiting Manager and a huge fan of humankind’s greatest invention… the bicycle. I ride a bike since I can remember, even before I could write or read. The bicycle is my main form of transport, a hobby and also a kind of lifestyle too. Every time I moved abroad, the first thing I got was a bicycle. That was a bit different here in Lisbon, it took me a little longer than usual because I felt a bit discouraged at the beginning. First from the city itself, as the topography and its hills are not really inviting and secondly because of Lisbon’s drivers who consider themselves as the new Carlos Sousa or Tiago Monteiro. After a time of measuring all the pros and cons, I finally got a bike and now I cannot imagine this beautiful city from another perspective than from my saddle. Luckily, all our offices have bicycles parks and Teleperformance is really committed to promoting health and wellbeing in the workplace.”

Promoting health and wellbeing in the workplace
Promoting health and wellbeing in the workplace

Here’s a shortlist of my pros – I hope to see you soon parking next to me at the TP bike parking:

Timetables Independence

Bus timetables? Tube strikes? You are not bound to any of these restrictive societal norms anymore. Free as a bird, you can set your own timetable. If you want an extra 5 minutes in bed – no worries, you won’t be missing your bus!

Challenging hills

There is no better feeling than the feeling of progress with each turn of the pedal. The moment you reach the top of the hill and feel the endorphin rush of accomplishment – priceless.

Avoiding challenging hills

Imagine the feeling of victory when you find your way around the hill and accidentally discover your new favorite cafe or bakery.

That pleasure from riding on a sunny day

Those clear blue skies are a sight to be experienced from the saddle. You can’t help but smile, as you think of those poor masses squeezing as sardines in the underground, stuck under someone’s armpit, as opposed to taking in the majestic scenery around a sun-kissed Lisbon.

Promoting health and wellbeing in the workplace

That smug feeling from knowing you are hardcore enough to ride on a rainy day

How can you possibly be smug on a rainy day? Good question! A small rain cloud turns you from a corporate coworker to an extreme sports adventurer. Now you are a hardcore cyclist that rides year-round, no matter what the weather is like.

Getting to know your local bike shop owner

This one is for the ladies. We are in Portugal – they are super cute here. Also, if your company is promoting health and wellbeing in the workplace like Teleperformance, your chance of getting to know also a cute colleague in the bicycle park increases a lot!

Taking a different route every day

Wanna escape the routine? Fire up Google Maps and plan a different route home. Let an unknown park, square or street that was previously just a grey zone on your Lisbon map be a part of your ride home.

Not feeling guilty about extra calories

You will burn it, so you’ve earned it, as Confucius used to say. A typical 10Km ride can burn around 350 calories. Funnily enough, that’s more or less the number of calories in a delicious chocolate cake that is calling out to you.

So don’t think as long as I did and just get on a bike!!!”

Marta , Recruiting Manager at Teleperformance Portugal

Would you also like to work in a company that is committed to its employee’s health, promoting health and wellbeing in the workplace? Join Teleperformance Portugal! 

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