Most people spend more than half of their time in the workspace. Having a good workspace is no longer just a question of increasing productivity and profit for the company.

Today, the most important factor is that the whole team feels good at the workspace, both physically and emotionally and that they have the necessary conditions for their professional achievement.

Teleperformance in Portugal is expanding throughout the country. One of our most recent workspaces is in Porto and is called TP Douro. When TP came up with the concept for this space, the main idea was what every company should have in mind when designing the office: the well-being of the team. TP Douro blends into the landscape,  has plenty of natural light, a one-of-a-kind view of the Douro River, and large, modern, and comfortable work and rest areas.


The Teleperformance CFO in Portugal, Sérgio Fernandes, called attention to the importance of a comfortable workplace in Jornal de Negócios (Business Journal). “When we talk about investment, we are talking about recruiting the best professionals, investing in training, looking for the best and most innovative equipment, and in creating the best work environment. We have already received the award for the best company to work for in Portugal 8 times by the prestigious Great Place to Work® (GPTW) Institute, which is considered the most respected and credible assessment on work environments and management practices in the world. “

Sometimes the small details turn a space into a good place to work in. Spacious and bright spaces, the location, common areas that are comfortable with all types of snacks for everyone, plants in the building, among others. Our CEO, João Cardoso, told Exame magazine that “We always look for high-quality spaces and at the moment our team is already occupying 11 buildings, many of them well-known, making up a total area of 67.000 m2. In other words, we are using practically the equivalent of 7 football fields!”

Even the design of the building itself is important. The office environment should reflect the values of the company, its culture and brand, something that can be found in all PT buildings in Portugal. As stated by our CFO Jorge Fernandes to Jornal de Negócios (Business Journal) “It is no coincidence that we have also been given the Best Contact Center Design award twice, one for our buildings in Parque das Nações, Expo Oceanário, and the other with the Marconi building in the center of Lisbon. “

A good example of this is our newly opened building in Lisbon, the TP Nations, which is the 7th building in the capital! This building was completely rebuilt with a very interesting architectural style, because it looks like a boat. With its 6718m2, the facilities were built to make the team feel comfortable; it has open spaces, natural light and, just like the other TP buildings, all the necessary amenities for the team’s physical well-being and positive state of mind.

TP Portugal

And you? Are you happy in your workspace? Your well-being must always be the most important factor, so take a look at our job opportunities and discover why we are one of the best places to work for in Portugal!

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