Coding for women is an opportunity to recognize potential, and to be aware that coding is not a new skill in the market.

It’s a widely spread proficiency that can upskill a career.

Teleperformance believes in the value of recognizing, developing, and promoting the best talent whilst considering female representation a priority. Therefore, as part of our TP Women program, we’re continuously looking for initiatives that support working towards gender parity across our organization, including in leadership and technical roles.           

Coding for women: As Raparigas do Código (ARDC)

To promote digital inclusion and women’s representation in the tech world, we established a partnership with As Raparigas do Código (ARDC), a community focused on Digital Inclusion by organizing technology and programming activities for women. 5 of our women employees joined the “React JS” boot camp to develop their coding skills. For this boot camp, the 5 women were selected from a key technical program in the organization, with an added a sense of responsibility to empower women’s success. Teleperformance will continually sponsor their development roadmap and help with readiness for the next milestone in their career path.

coding for women

With this partnership, Teleperformance is also creating a reference for our younger generations to follow.

A reference that will show that there are opportunities for everyone.

Through partnerships like these, Teleperformance contributes to a more inclusive society. Consequently, women in Portugal have further opportunities to develop a career in tech. Today and in the future.


Find out how with our job offers in coding, here.

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