How can you boost your productivity and happiness in the face of this new reality?  

With this new reality and the need of working from home, feeling motivated and happy can be quite challenging.  

In this article, we give you 4 examples of habits that can lead you to a better mood. 

 As we know, working from home-despite its many pros-can be challenging, especially in the face of today’s reality. It is perfectly normal to experience this difficulty in maintaining a constant level of motivation, but it is not impossible.  

To help you recover and boost your productivity, we have put together 4 healthy habits that you can introduce into your day-to-day. It is important that you maintain a routine, such as when you needed to go to your work facilities.  

Having a defined routine helps us to manage our time better and to separate work and leisure time. You can find some tips on how to manage your time here

It is in your leisure time that you can adopt and include healthy habits that will make you feel better.  

Physical exercise 

Including physical exercise in the weekly or daily routine is a great help to increase and boost your productivity. The practice of physical exercise awakens hormones such as endorphins and serotonin, which are responsible for the feeling of well-being, control anxiety, and reduce stress. Approximately 30 minutes of daily exercise, 3 times a week will definitely improve your motivation! 


Journaling – or ‘daily logging’ – has recently become very popular when it comes to organizing life and mind, thereby increasing the feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment. 

When we have a lot to think about, whether in personal or professional life, our brain sometimes goes into a state of procrastination that after so much thinking we end up producing nothing. Writing, taking notes, or making diagrams helps us to stop, reflect and focus. 

Journaling came to help exactly on that – it can range from daily notes about tasks that we have to accomplish, goals that we try to achieve and go through to how we feel psychologically, or what we are stressed about. This method, in addition to helping to boost your productivity, is also great for opening our minds and seeing problems from other perspectives. 


Something very important to keep you happy in your teleworking routine is to take advantage of your leisure time to practice hobbies that make you feel good. 

It is important that you continue to feed your personal interests outside work, to avoid feeling frustrated. These can range from watching a series, reading a book, cooking, browsing social media… There are no rules when it comes to each person’s interests, so do what cheers you up whenever you have breaks or free time and you will see how your motivation and productivity increases exponentially! 


As humans we are naturally social beings, which means that we need to talk and share with other people. Being working from home it is common to only talk to our colleagues at meetings or when questions about work are raised. 

But it is important to break this habit. Calling colleagues at break times to share things other than work is very beneficial. In fact, many companies have been thinking about this issue and have been developing the “Team Buildings”, which consist of activities outside working hours, where a team is brought together for events or moments of relaxation and leisure, which leads to boost your productivity and the teams’ as well. 

For example, Teleperformance takes into account the well-being of its workers and therefore the TP Club team has had the responsibility to create these types of initiatives, but given the reality we live in, it has had the need to reinvent itself and has created several team building activities in a totally virtual as an answer to it so that the teams continue to have incredibly fun social moments. 

We hope that this tips help you on your mission to boost your productivity!  

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