Share as much as you can! Share information, practices, knowledge. Be transparent with your co-workers and a key part of their learning. Especially at a time when we all work remotely, knowledge sharing can be the difference in a team’s success.


We all know that knowledge sharing is fundamental in any job. There’s no doubt. There is always new information, new methods, improvements, and a lot of learning. However, this knowledge is often only in our minds and fails in the sharing process – especially when the teams are not in the same physical space.

Well, don’t be that person! Make knowledge sharing a recurring practice in your team. There are plenty of benefits for everyone, believe us!

In addition to contributing to greater social interaction at work, together, people can be better at solving problems, be more creative, and will feel better prepared to do their work the greater the overview and knowledge. Besides, it will be much easier to ask or help your colleagues with some task. Without forgetting, of course, the preparation that exists during vacation periods or the loss of knowledge in case someone leaves the job or company.

Follow some of our advice for a regular knowledge sharing practice.

Promote this habit little by little

First of all, it is necessary to encourage and cultivate this custom. We are often so “inside our bubble” that we don’t even know the projects that are happening or what the colleague “next to you” is doing. Look for ways to get to know or get your team members to share what they are involved in within the company. And later, share everything else that makes sense for each other’s learning.

Focus on the most relevant information

Selects only the knowledge that makes sense for people to know/learn. There is no point in debiting your entire “manual” because the more information people are exposed to at any given moment, the less their learning capacity is – which brings us to the next point!

Schedule weekly, biweekly or monthly sessions

Knowledge sharing doesn’t need to take you all the time out of the world. It can be just 30 minutes each week, 1 hour fortnightly, or any other time that makes sense for what you are sharing.

For example, you can schedule a weekly appointment for one of the members to describe their tasks in more detail to other colleagues that may be beneficial to know. But it can also be something that takes 5 minutes to share in a meeting. Some new project that you are part of in the company, a new existing app or something else. But share!

Use the existing collaborative tools

We can list so many! From chat rooms, webinars, screen sharing options, and more. There are a number of platforms and features in these tools that help communication between teams and knowledge sharing. There are no excuses!

We have never been at a time when knowledge sharing is as easy as it is today. Don’t let the knowledge get lost somewhere! Seek and encourages this sharing.


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