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Watch the video and check the successful testimonial of return to TP.

Can you imagine how it feels returning to a company that is now totally different? Some people can! There are many stories of employees who returned to Teleperformance. Now, you can get to know them. Discover the path and experience of these ex-alumni on their return to the fastest-growing company in Portugal.

Alumni TP World
February 6, 2020

Alumni Community – Know the benefits!

Alumni communities are becoming more and more frequent within the corporate world, instead of being…
TP World
February 6, 2020

Alumni Community – Know the benefits!

Alumni communities are becoming more and more frequent within the corporate world, instead of being…
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Working at TP is being able to connect with billions of people around the world and impact their lives in a very unique and meaningful way. Leading strategic programs for our partners all over the world and working with the best in industry colleagues in the fastest growing company in Portugal truly is a fulfilling challenge!

Luís Coelho

One of the greatest things about Teleperformance is the opportunity to work with people with so many different professional backgrounds. Working here gives you the opportunity to sharpen your skills and develop an international career.

Bilal Machraa

Teleperformance Portugal is synonymous with sharing, personal and professional growth.
We are a huge family, made of different nationalities, languages and religions, sharing knowledge in an equal way.
We are made by people, who work for people, every day.

Isabel Guerra

There’s no such company as Teleperformance!
The company has a very good vibe and dynamics, you can meet and greet people from all over the world.
We feel as a living part of the company because our good ideas can pop-up very quickly from the ground into the top management of the company and in the next day the ideas are materialized. Everyone counts on taking the company to the next level.
On IT, we give opportunities to all team members to spearheading business transformational projects locally and at international level. We encourage and empower people to take the lead, embracing new technologies with a continuous improvement and a business impact mind set.

Pedro Gonçalves

Career Opportunities


Alumni Network

Teleperformance is the fastest growing company in Portugal, for the past 10 years! This exponential growth transforms the organization, every day, into a new and better company.
No matter the period you left the team, you will definitely find a new reality now!

Through our TP Alumni community you will be able to catch up about everything new in the company, through a huge network of professional contacts, and much more!

Exclusive Company News

Being part of TP’s Alumni community means you will have privileged access to exclusive company news, as well as unique content prepared to the community.

Specific Recruitment Process

As an Alumni candidate, you will have the advantage of knowing earlier about new and exclusive job opportunities that we think are perfect for an Alumni member.

Networking Events

Teleperformance organizes exclusive events for its Alumni community, where networking is the key for success! Attending these events means you will be joining a professional group, building long-term relationships that might lead you into your new job opportunity.

Share experiences

Sharing experiences and knowledge is one of the main goals of an Alumni Community that aims the growth and development of its member.
Share your experience and learn with the experience of others!


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Teleperformance celebrated the glorious day when the former team members conquered great things together. The company organized an amazing party with all the alumni community, with surprises, exclusive job opportunities and fun! Check the video and the pictures!

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