Alumni communities are becoming more and more frequent within the corporate world, instead of being directly connected to the academic world.

Alumni communities – why are they growing? Firstly because companies are recognizing that the employment paradigm is changing and there is no longer such thing as a job for life. Currently, and studies are here to support the data, worldwide, about 10,000 Baby Boomers retire daily and Millennials move to different positions every 2.8 years, on average. And if these numbers are not enough to give the full picture of what is happening, about 20 percent of workers change roles every year. It is a fact: people are switching jobs much more frequently than before!

However, despite lifetime employment is over, it doesn’t necessary mean that a lifetime relationship is not worth it!


  • Because this is a huge network of professional contacts that you should not want to lose. You should use your alumni community to connect with people who could be great resources for informational interviews or introductions.
  • And also, because you will have access to several perks! Many companies provide exclusive events and, sometimes, specific recruitment processes for Alumni.

Teleperformance Portugal’s Alumni Community is the real proof of it!

The company is now developing this community in which members can share knowledge, experiences and successful career paths. TP’s Alumni can also access exclusive company news, specific recruitment processes for Alumni (for community members only), networking events and several other benefits specially created for them.

The best part of all? You can also share experiences with some ex-alumni members, that already returned to the company and are more than happy to guide you through their own experience returning to the fastest-growing company in Portugal. Since 2015, the Teleperformance Portugal has more than doubled the number of employees, approaching 11 thousand in 2020. It was considered the company with the highest growth in turnover and job creation from 2015 to 2018 and received the Longevity Award in the Expresso Economia 2019, confirming the sustainability of its operation in the last decade.

Can you imagine how it feels returning to a company that is now totally different? Check Marco’s testimonial!

Curious about Teleperformance Portugal? Why don’t you check all the available vacancies!

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