Are you looking for your next professional challenge? Portugal can be a great option for you if you want to explore German speaking sales jobs!

Grabbing the job you aspire to and living in the city of Lisbon seems to you the best of both worlds, correct? At Teleperformance Portugal we have several opportunities for German speaking sales jobs waiting for you, in addition to having diverse projects, we live in a universe without barriers with more than 97 nationalities and customers with more than 37 languages.

But we are going to show you both sides of these German speaking sales job opportunities.

At Teleperformance, work-life balance is one of the most important pillars in the way we operate daily and we like to encourage and reinforce that a happy and satisfied customer results from a motivated and balanced employee.

And since we are talking about work-life balance, it makes sense to talk a little more about the city that helps to sustain this balance between personal and professional life: Lisbon!

We can easily say that Lisbon is one of the best cities to live in Europe. It is the Portuguese capital and a city that the world fell in love with, it is currently one of the main European tourist destinations.

german speaking sales jobs

The other positive side of these opportunities is that at TP we often look for German-speaking employees who have a special taste for sales. We have several projects with this need, with specific niche markets, so if you speak German and are looking for an opportunity in Lisbon with the perfect balance, apply for one of our German sales job opportunities.

At TP, the multicultural environment, spirit and team work are part of our day-to-day and that is why English is the most widely spoken language among all of us, so that communication reaches everyone without barriers and so that all of our interactions matters for our employees.

In addition to these values, we have several programs where you can progress in your career or even recommend someone you think makes the perfect fit with what we are looking for! Bring a friend is a program where you can mention a friend who is looking for a job.

In addition to Bring a Friend, TP has a career development program, JUMP, where every year team leaders identify several employees to progress internally and achieve new career goals.

We leave you here with some German speaking sales job opportunities that may make sense to apply for and a small quiz that can spark your motivation to apply for these German speaking sales jobs.

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