There are several personalities in the workplace and each employee has a unique character however, there are four main personality types that you will always find in your team! Find out which one is yours!


In a team, each element has a different and important character and if we talk about a company like Teleperformance Portugal, which adds age, cultural, religious and gender differences to the mix, we can see that the place the work environment is a mix of immense personalities who have to work together, regardless of having different approaches to the functions they occupy.
The better these differences are well understood and managed, the better the results and the greater the productivity of a team. In this context, all personalities are important and differences between employees are increasingly valued to create effective teams.
Knowing the main types of personalities in a workplace can benefit both team leaders and recruiting teams. Being able to identify certain personality traits of an employee is important for assigning projects and tasks daily, as well as for recruiters to know which candidate will best suit the specific job for which they are recruiting.

However, it is also important for you to know what kind of personality you have so you can recognize your strengths and weaknesses and be able to organize work and career based on this intrinsic knowledge of yourself. Besides, being able to identify the personality of our teammates can also bring advantages, not only to create a better office environment but also to achieve better relationships among colleagues.

Learning how to identify people by personality type can bring a higher level of understanding to interpersonal relationships within the team, especially for employers looking for ways to improve the hiring and retention of employees.

But let’s get to the facts: what are the top four personalities in the workplace?

Personalities in the workplace

The leader!

People with this personality like to command and control their environment. They are not extremely dedicated to detail, choosing to delegate, and do not appreciate when restrictions are imposed on them preferring to work independently and define their own schedules. They are very goal-oriented and practical in their solutions, and as they tend to be workaholics it will be normal to see them spending a lot of their time and effort on their work. Sometimes they can seem impatient, especially if they believe that someone is spending too much time on reviewing unnecessary details preventing the successful completion of any objective or project they are focused on at any point in time. They may not be very good at recognizing the feelings and needs of co-workers. Not because they don’t care, but because they are so extremely focused on achieving their goals that they sometimes don’t realize it.

Is a person who works under pressure and triumphs in situations of high stress! It is normal to find this type of personality in positions of leadership, supervision and / or management, especially in the sales area. This person is not easily discouraged and usually gives confidence to his colleagues.

The Social!

The extrovert in the office! Energetic and agile likes being around people and being the center of attention, most people like them right away. Praise, recognition for their achievements, words of admiration and even group applauses are very important for this type of personality.

Afraid of not showing a good mood, they will make sure that their appearance is always impeccable and they will always give the impression of being very successful in everything they do, whether or not it happens. You can always count on their enthusiasm, spontaneity, humour, friendliness and his persuasiveness of even the most sceptical people! They tend to be dreamy and can often turn those dreams into very practical and creative ideas in the workplace. Socials are extremely honest: if they are hurt or disappointed, their mannerisms and disposition will easily reveal their feelings. They may be impatient, have relatively short periods of concentration and aren’t too detail-oriented.

In more formal work environments they may tend to socialize too much and not spend as much time doing their work because they strive for social interaction. However, while this is their natural tendency, many learn to keep their counterproductive urges under control while taking full advantage of the positive aspects of having a social nature.

Personalities in the workplace

The Analytical!

A very detail-oriented person, cautious, who likes to be involved in stable and controlled tasks. They are interested in precision, rationality and logic. They tend to be quite controlling, both of themselves and others. They always like to have control over things and don’t like to show emotions. Just “the leader” they are results-oriented and are advocates of the procedures and protocols to follow to get the job done. It is normal to find this type of personality playing roles in marketing and digital marketing, tasks that involve data analysis. They are careful, resourceful and, above all, excellent thinkers who will analyze all aspects of an issue before making a decision.

When deciding on a problem, this person will have, for sure, all the facts that support him, and in a meeting, they will always be prepared, with charts and Excel tables that defend they decisions against any possible objections. They like their work to be clearly defined and always want to know what is expected of them. Knowing these facts, they will be able to prioritize their tasks and follow them to the end.

The Supporter

This personality has a slower and more relaxed pace at work and in life in general. They seek safety and longevity at work and enjoy repetitive tasks day after day. Repetition allows them to become extremely skilled at what they do. They generally do not appreciate changes to procedures and/or rules as they like to follow what they know it works.

They seek respect, admiration and acceptance from others. They like to work hard to please the people they work for and need to feel appreciated to be assured that they are needed and safe.
They are very organized, do not appreciate confusing environments and the disorganization will bother them. They are usually the support element in the work team, as they are very attentive and are always ready to help. They are patient, good listeners and will maintain perseverance when everyone wants to give up. They especially enjoy working in groups or teams and will be a stabilizing force in these scenarios.

They value the long-term career growth potential within the company.

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