At Teleperformance we believe that diverse teams enrich individuals, both personally and professionally.

Diverse teams are Teleperformance’s DNA. Imagine that you are cooking a recipe. First of all, grab a bowl. Start by mixing a little bit of multi-culture, then different habits, people, languages, colors, personalities, perspectives and food from all over the world.

All those ingredients mixed together will give you the opportunity to have the first and best contact with something we proudly like to call : Diversity!

In TP we say that diverse teams and projects are definitely a contributor to improve 3 main factors, such as:

Speak pasta, samba or prost? It doesn’t matter, we speak global and we love that!

At TP Portugal we have 95 nationalities in the projects. This give us all the opportunity to deal with different cultures, learn more about our foreign neighbors all over the world, and build our opinions and point of views at work -regarding the different cultures.

“Act local and think global”  they say, it’s really important to enforce this statement in our profession and also life outside work.

The more you deal with all kind of cultures and people, the more you get to achieve your professional goals.

Diversity is not only about culture, it’a also a number

Think about that person that has a lot of friends and different groups with varying ages. What really matters to him is their will and determination to his friendship.

Now apply that example to your work in TP.

You work with different persons that can be 18 or 55 years old, doesn’t matter if they want to wish fulfillment, grow and contribute for good results in the end of the day.

Age is a number, so guess what? Diversity too!

diverse teams

A diverse team a day, keeps the doctor away!

Well, we know that the quote is not like this, but we think that fits perfect in this case!

Working in a diverse team environment is also about spirit, improve knowledge about other conducts, get in contact with different morals and values.

If we could marry two words, we would like to choose diversity and adaptation.

It’s important to respect all cultures but it’s also important that everyone does their part in that role.

Remember that sometimes perspectives are influenced by culture. And that’s ok. Sometimes it will be really helpful to take decisions, share opinions, or think outside our bubble of standard thoughts.

Let’s make a simple three rule:  “Diversity” at work stands for TP, such as “happiness” stands for X.

And the result is: X equals best environment, best relations between team mates and also an amazing opportunity to exchange ideas at work and outside. It’s a global language!

Last but not least, working in a multilingual and diverse environment provides you a better experience and gives you the opportunity to enrich your work life in 2 ways:  Knowledge base applied to working tools, learning with your supervisors, in trainings, but also learning with your colleague by getting in touch constantly with different nationalities, languages and habits.

In conclusion you grow and enrich yourself both ways!

If you wish to work in such an atmosphere, take a look at the job opportunities we have at Teleperformance Portugal.

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