Regardless of our job or age, many of us share the same goal: achieve success.

Each person has their own definition of success, but ultimately we want to have a comfortable life and be happy. The truth is that success is not easy, demanding hard work, determination, among many other things.

Around here in Teleperformance Portugal we have several characteristics in common and two of them are to be dreamers and ambitious. Many of us can achieve their goals. We talked with our Marketing Director, Pedro Pais, and he identified 5 components that he considers essential to achieve professional success.


For me, there are several factors that influence our career. However, there are 5 components that are essential to achieve professional success!


Comply with what you say

Trust is the key to any relationship. If you make sure that you comply with all that you say, whether it is meeting deadlines, results, whatever, you allow your colleagues and superiors to trust you. Someone who says he will do some task and never fulfills the task, will not receive the confidence to, for example, lead a project or participate in decisive tasks for the success of the company. So remember: if you comply with everything you say, you will have more opportunities and you will be able to go further in your career.

Have a good team

The team we choose to support us and achieve goals together is very important. The decision to work with certain people is often ours to make. Whether we recruit these people or accept to work with them.

Regardless of the size of your company, being surrounded by a good team that shares the same goals as you is essential for your success and also the company’s success. Trust and the feeling that you can always count on someone in your workplace makes you more motivated, teamwork allows tasks to be done more easily and effectively.

Have a good boss over your career

The career path can be troublesome, however if throughout our career we have at least a good boss, that’s a great advantage. Boss would not even be the right word, but a leader. Someone who motivates you to go further, who inspires you to want to win and whose main goal is the success of the company, recognizing the importance of your team. If you feel impressed with your company and you are working to reach an end, you go further. A good leader is essential for that.

Don’t be afraid to make a mistake

In order to achieve our dreams, both professionally and personally, we have to take risks and learn from our mistakes. Facing failure is part of life, and overcoming it, learning from it only makes you a stronger and more prepared person. None of us know what will happen when we are challenged with choices, we have to be prepared for the best and the worst that can happen. Whatever happens, you learn something, you adapt to change, and you discover what works and what doesn’t work so well. Therefore, you should always be willing to embrace the unknown.

Have a manager who believes in you

Whoever is managing the team, in this case a manager, must believe in each element, treating each one as someone essential to achieve the goals. When you feel that someone believes in you and in your ideas, you feel more motivated and have more opportunities. All of this will help you to go further in your career. At Teleperformance Portugal we believe in each of our employees and invest in their training. Programs such as LEAP and JUMP give our employees the opportunity to realize their professional dreams.

Now you know: believe in yourself, in your team and take a risk. Good luck!

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