How to improve the remote team motivation? How to maintain team spirit and ambition? How to ensure that our team is motivated and balanced at home?

These are some of the questions that team leaders ask, in a remote model or at a time when telework is the most common scenario in our daily lives.

We have already talked about the importance of well-being at home if you work on a remote work model, you know the importance of the motivation of a remote team, as it ends up impacting you, in the end it is also your motivation at stake.

If you work remotely as a team, you recognize the incredible challenge that your leaders have at hand in keeping the remote team motivation, goal-oriented and happy as a whole.

A team leader does not only have goals, numbers and results at hand, he has the responsibility to make the human management of his team, the individual and collective challenges, as well as monitoring the professional and consequently personal development of each one.

If you are a leader, in this article we will talk about some fundamental points to be able to rise to this challenge and work on the remote team motivation.

The basis for working on the remote team motivation is the organization of the team, mapping joint objectives, recognition and security transmitted individually to each of the employees.

We are going to introduce you to some simple habits to implement that can be true game changers for you as a leader and for your team.

Start the week with a team meeting

The start of the week may mean pressure for some, but not for your team, because they know they are with you, side by side!

The week begins with a team meeting where the key point is… to motivate!

Take advantage of this meeting to talk a little about the objectives of this week, the challenges and a balance of results and highlights of the last works carried out.

The meeting starts energetically and motivated, a new week requires energy!

Ask collective questions and follow up on last week’s tasks. Close the meeting with a touch of availability, so that the team knows you are just a click away and conclude with an inspiring message so that the start of the week is magnificent!

Individual meetings VS Pygmalion effect

Although it is important to maintain the motivation of a remote team collectively, it is essential to analyze each of the elements individually.

Remember that people can have different challenges, motivations and developments.

Do not meet only with those who identify greater difficulties, because motivation must be worked on by everyone and not only those who require greater attention in professional development. In the end, all members of your team require development even if in different ways.

Your team needs you on a professional level, but also on a personal level, at home the work context is different and some employees may find it easier or less to deal with the environment that surrounds them.

We already told you about work-life balance, the balance between personal and professional life, correct?

At home it is fundamental for this concept to exist and the example can start with you and the importance you place on this theme when communicating with your team.

If you got stuck with the name “pygmalion effect” in the title above, we’ll explain what it means.

The Pygmalion effect is the phenomenon of psychology that dictates that the greater the expectation you place in a person, the better his performance!

If in your individual meetings you identify a colleague who is not motivated or who is not overcoming his tasks as you intended, motivate him!

Make him believe that he is capable and that you value his potential!

If you who are the leader believe, you will give strength so that he also believes in himself and work on his motivation.

Closes the week as a team, with a moment of reflection and inspiration

Another week of work has passed, your team gave everything it had, objectives were fulfilled, new tasks were opened and others closed.

The time has come to acknowledge the effort and reflect together with your team what they have achieved.

Make a quick call with your team to close the week in a big way, highlighting the most positive points of the past 5 days and the points that are still improving.

Recognition is a great fuel for motivation and a great way to recognize your team is to create a recognition dynamic, for example, an internal motivational calendar!

This calendar will include your weekly collective and individual meetings and one or another team dynamic, the so-called team building!

You do not need to elaborate a great dynamic, sometimes a 10 minute break from working reality is enough to relax, a game, you define.

At Teleperformance we have already carried out some online dynamics for employees, quizzes, challenges, yoga classes, cooking, why not get inspired by one of these ideas and adapt to your team? Try it!

After all, digital today makes us so close that there are no barriers!

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