Do you want to know how to provide a successful customer experience? We bring you great tips to make sure you’re on the right track!

In today’s reality, information is spreading at an almost supersonic speed and this phenomenon has its advantages in terms of the effectiveness of how we reach our customers, but it has to follow a very careful methodology to deliver the best results.
In a world where the customer service of a brand or service can be done from any geographical area, companies that provide support and attention to the customer must have multilingual teams, highly diversified and above all motivated and aligned with the DNA of the customer and service provider.

So, we leave you some tips to consider for a successful customer experience:

1. A motivated team, a satisfied customer

Successful customer experience starts from the inside, that is, with a good experience in the workplace.
It is essential for the team to feel aligned with the pillars and values ​​of the company and that they also feel accompanied by their advisors / supervisors.
If we ensure that there is motivation, team spirit and continuous monitoring of our work, the way we deliver customer service changes dramatically, in a positive way.

In the case of Teleperformance Portugal, attention to employees is one of the success factors for working customer service, through a nice work environment, a great balance between personal and professional life, flexible hours and a culture of trust with all employees. who work with us.

2. Know your customer and your service well

As an agent, you spend a large part of your working day answering questions and solving potential problems that the client may have, which means that you need to be an expert on the service in question.

Comprehensive service knowledge is an essential skill in customer service. Ideally, you should believe in the service, be able to discuss solutions about it and reinforce the positive aspects of using that service and how you can help.

At the end of the day, your job is to help customers get the best out of their purchase and feel that they have achieved true value for what they have acquired.

3. Be a problem solver

Don’t be afraid to over-deliver to your customers while looking for a solution to their problems.
Sometimes when trying to meet the needs that the customer has, we have to look for several paths that go a little beyond what we have as a solution base. In this way, the client also feels that you are committing yourself to the mission of helping him.

Many of the customer services are automated, with pre-formatted speeches, so your differentiating factor is also in the way you communicate and personalize your responses.

successful customer experience

4. Maintain a friendly and positive attitude

Attitude is everything for a successful customer experience, the right attitude transforms the client’s negative experiences into positive ones.
Since most customer interactions are not face-to-face, your attitude should be reflected in your language and tone of voice.
It is easy to misinterpret the tone of written communication, and e-mail or live chat, as we can seem cold or disconnected. The online in that sense can turn against us, so do not deprive yourself of communicating with your most empathetic side.

5. Work your active listening

Keep an eye on your customer’s feedback as he answers your questions, in this way, you show that you are listening to him and creating a guiding thread in your dialogue and thus guarantee that you clearly understand what his need is.

Listen to what they have to say without forcing a conclusion, because sometimes, the client may not be able to immediately identify the need for the first attempt at explanation.
Make sure you review the situation with the client, so that the client feels that he has been heard and understood.

We hope that these tips are useful for your professional life and that you continue to contribute to a successful customer experience, because at the end of the day, the most important key … is you!

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