Having good productivity at home in teleworking can be a real challenge!
In this article we will prove to you that it is possible and that you can even benefit from this format if you follow our tips!

Think with us, half the exercise is done, if before you worked in the office and were able to carry out your tasks then you already have the first part of the success guaranteed to have a good productivity at home.

Sometimes our productivity at home can be affected by some factors that we cannot get around, for example, having to share the work space with more people, having children on vacation, the work space itself is not the most comfortable, not having natural light, among others.

But all of the factors mentioned above actually adapt if we do things right! Are you ready to read and apply our 5 tips?

1) Define a workspace and start-of-day routine

Regardless of whether you live in a spacious house with many rooms or in a smaller house, it is essential to define a work space.
A space does not necessarily have to be an isolated room, it can be just a place, where you have your desk, ideally natural light and a comfortable chair.
The truth is that feeling good in your work space, increases your productivity at home, you are in tune with the environment and therefore, it is important that you also do not choose as a work space a place with too much information, as this can -to distract you.
Keep your space always tidy, at the end of the day you can always collect what you don’t need from the table and ensure that the next day you will arrive at the place with everything in order.

Another important aspect is to create your routine! In teleworking, we often fall into the lazy tendency to get out of bed in pajamas and go straight to the computer, don’t underestimate your personal well-being! Wake up, take a shower, wear comfortable clothes, eat a good breakfast, listen to music you like, stimulate your head!
If you have children try to articulate their preparation time with yours, so that everyone is in tune and alert them to the importance of your work space.

2) Task organization, start the day with what you closed yesterday

Why do you start your working day at the end of the previous day? Easy! At the end of each working day it is essential to keep the tasks you are going to take first hand organized the next day, thus, every day you leave the place of work calm and relaxed, knowing that you have everything carefully organized for the next day.

Make a list, define what is priority, important, urgent or less urgent.A great way to organize your tasks is to build your own Eisenhower matrix. This matrix helps you to prioritize your tasks and to understand the degree of importance, response time and urgency that each one has.
You can make your matrix on paper or if you prefer on the computer, you choose what is most practical for you.
The advantage of this matrix is ​​that it does not apply only to the professional world, it can work very well in your personal tasks or even with your children and their school duties.
Some time ago we gave excellent tips on well-being and productivity at home, if you want you can consult this article.

3) Essential work friendly tools:

There are several tools that can help you organize your day-to-day work.
If you work a lot in a team, Teams will undoubtedly be your best friend as it allows you to do team video conferences without limits, share files, create virtual teams and chat groups.
Regardless of working as a team, it is essential to keep your work (in isolation) organized. There are several tools that can help you in this mission: Asana, a great task and pipeline manager.
If you work with Outlook and have not yet noticed the tool “To Do”, this is a good time to explore it, there you can organize your tasks in a super simple way.

4) Personal time management versus professional time management

Have you heard of work-life balance? We explain! work-life balance is nothing less than the balance between your personal and professional life, essential to be well and motivated.
If you are a naturally organized person, surely you have your personal and professional task management aligned and you do not feel that you lack “time for everything” at the end of the workday.
In teleworking things do not work as if we were in the office, because we are not only focused on our work, we are also focused on all the household chores that end up overwhelming us and in case you have children, you have a handful of reconciliations, management of time and attention.
With this, we propose that you develop blocks of productivity in your time, that is, set goals for hours that you will work, take healthy breaks of 5 to 10 minutes and have lunch outside your workplace, in the kitchen for example.

5) Disconnect from the outside to increase your productivity at home

We live in a highly evolved century at the digital level, almost all the stimuli we receive in our daily lives come from the cell phone, the alarm, the computer, the doorbell and the world of notifications.
We can consciously ignore them, unconsciously interfere with our productivity and concentration.
It would also be inconsistent to say that nowadays putting the phone in silence is a hypothesis, given that in a way it has become a working tool present in our day.
The good news is that almost all smartphones and derivatives allow you to activate the “Do not disturb” mode, you can also create a shortlist of contacts who can reach you during that work period, but choose to turn off notifications for all other distractions (social networks, chats, among others).
The less stimuli you have, the better your productivity will be.

We hope this article helps you in your mission to get better productivity at home!
At Teleperformance we have several teleworkers and some of them working through our latest model, TP Cloud Campus.
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