Work and life balance is a goal that we all aspire to achieve in our day-to-day work, but there are times when personal and professional life seem to overlap. We leave some tips that can be useful, in this time of family celebrations.


Does your job take over your life? Do your friends forget you? Do you constantly miss important family moments? Work and life balance is the eternal goal that we all want to achieve: To be productive and available at work without neglecting mental health and, at the same time, having time to be with those we love most.

Sometimes it can be difficult! We leave the office many times later than we should because we have “that deadline”, sometimes we make excuses like “it’s only today” to still be clinging to the computer at midnight, we take “a few hours” at the weekend to avoid having tasks delayed in the weekly pipeline. Working after hours and possibly belittling family and friends is a problem that many face because they don’t want to say no to their bosses or don’t want to seem less dedicated. In addition to the “overtime”, the problem with the time spent commuting between home and work further aggravates the issue. How many of us get home and feel like we don’t have time for more than dinner before going to bed? No time to relax or regain strength?

The absence of work and life balance is also a concern for many employers and companies: it is known that stress has repercussions on health since it ends up weakening the immune system and that in the long term it is quite impacting on the productivity of employees. In response, Teleperformance created work and life balance programs for its employees, which are put into practice in various ways and based on various leisure and well-being activities.

However, if the difficulty in reaching work and life balance was already a problem that many faced, with the arrival of the pandemic and the consequent adoption of remote work, the complexity of this issue has increased.

The work started to be done at home, the office started to be in the living room or bedroom, and the line that separates the professional from the personal became even more tenuous or even non-existent. At first, it may have seemed normal, to the point where we started to feel suffocated, anxious and feeling indebted to family and friends. At home, and with the constant presence of technology, it is almost unconsciously that we work when we should be resting. How many times do we open the computer to go watch a video on Youtube or a message from a friend on WhatsApp and end up responding to emails? Or advancing another job task?

Work and life balance

However, remote work also has advantages. We stop spending time commuting to and from home. We can spend more time with the family and organize work hours in a more consistent way.

Therefore, we leave you with some tips on how to best combine work and personal life so that you can reconcile the two in order to achieve the longed-for balance, which today is one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing a job.


Set priorities

Use a calendar where you can point out personal and professional commitments and consult it daily. So you can stay focused on what you really have to do and don’t get lost in other people’s plans and priorities.

Organize your time

Ask your co-workers for help whenever you need it and at home, don’t leave all housework for the weekend only. Set days and hours to do them. This way, you will have time to rest.

Get out of the rut

Home, work, home … is your daily life like this? Then try new activities. In addition to getting out of the routine, stimulate the brain and have fun relieving stress levels. With this in mind, Teleperformance created TP Club, which organizes activities for all employees where they can try something new for free.

Don’t take work home

Technology can also be our enemy. Yes, it has taken on an extremely important role in these times in which we live and facilitates work at various levels, but it has also allowed, in some cases, that there is no clear border between personal and professional life. To enjoy only the good side of technology, use it in your favour.

Learn to say “no”

Saying “no” is essential to your well-being. At work, you don’t have to do tasks just because you feel guilty or because of a false sense of obligation. This way, you will have more time for yourself, your family and your friends, and yes, your boss will understand.

Be present, really present

It is not enough to be present if you continue to respond to work emails from your smartphone. When you are with family or friends, talk to them and share moments. If only for an hour.

Practice physical exercise

Maintain a balance between body and mind and exercise regularly.

Start with a walk, a short run (30 minutes) or do simple cardiovascular exercises.



The work and life balance is increasingly valued by new generations, and remote work can be a great help to achieve it if you are organized.

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