Wow a customer is the key question when it comes to dealing with people who are using your product or service. But how to provide excellent customer experience? Teleperformance Portugal, with over 40 years of experience in connecting brands with their customers can help!


A secret to wow a customer? Every interaction counts! Think about the last time you were completely impressed with a company or service. You may have purchased or used the product or service more than once, and maybe even told some of your friends.

Wow a customer involves creating a memorable experience that will create loyalty. Impressing the customer by providing a service or product that customers pay for on time is very important for a brand’s good reputation in the market.

Building brand loyalty can be challenging. Even with the most unique marketing ideas can fail because customers often seek only the best and cheapest offers. Companies need to present reasons why customers should return, whether in the form of reward programs, excellent customer service or a careful interaction with a customer support agent.

Dazzling and going beyond expectations as well as providing additional value are some of the ways to wow a customer: We leave you with 6 ways to do it!

Wow a customer

First contact

To start impressing the customer, the main focus is the first interaction that someone has with the service.
Create an emotional connection between you and the customer that transcends a mere transaction. Customers who have a strong and positive emotional connection to the brand are more likely to become regular customers, to tell others to use the service and to forgive a negative experience in the future.

Always offers a solution

Sometimes the problem cannot be solved, but that does not mean that you cannot find a possible solution! Improve your problem-solving skills! Going that extra mile can translate into the customer’s happiness, even if you don’t solve the problem the way he was expecting.

Reduce response time

The first thing we discover to impress someone who contacts the brand for support is speed. If you can respond to someone within minutes of contact, those customers will be more likely to tweet about the brand and tell their friends about it. Speed ​​is absolutely essential.
The focus on response time can be very rewarding as it can really impress any new user. Who doesn’t want an answer in minutes?

The human approach in each technological channel

Aggregating customer service and sales interactions through a single platform eliminate much of the bureaucracy that slows down customer interactions. We all have gone through a situation where we went from department to department, endlessly repeating to several people why we need help.

Using a multichannel platform together with the latest AI tools is a simple and effective solution to these common problems. If you can create a positive customer experience, an experience that they associate with an easy and straightforward process to get what they want, you will create loyal customers.
In fact, 40% of loyal customers will spend more on a product, even if cheaper options are available.
Another way to start impressing anyone who comes in contact with a product or service is to add as much humanity as possible. In this pandemic moment, when most interactions are done at a distance, being able to combine humanity with technology is extremely important.

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For example, if the brand interacts with the customer on Facebook or Twitter, adding the first name of the person you are responding to will make the customer feel like they are talking to a real person.

Ask for feedback

Customers like to be heard. Nowadays the brands that grow the most are those that are guided by the preferences of customers and those that adapt to their needs. Asking what the customer thought of the support he was given or whether the product lived up to his expectations can increase his satisfaction.

Use the right platforms

Creating personalized customer experiences will go a long way toward increasing loyalty and retention. Email automation is especially useful in creating customer retention programs. For example, sending an automatic email with a discount code to all customers who have not purchased in six months. Or create a series of emails with tips and tricks to help customers become advanced users. Or even something as simple as sending emails to wish a happy birthday can increase the customer’s opinion of the brand.



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