The balance between technological development and Humanism is probably the greatest challenge that companies and societies are facing.

High tech high touch is a concept embedded in Teleperformance’s strategy. We are a company that embraces the most innovative technologies but does not give up on the human side.

Those who want to lead obviously need to incorporate the most advanced and even disruptive technologies. But you can’t forget the human touch.

This balance between technology and humanity, which we call high tech high touch, is one of the premises that we have implemented as a company philosophy. And it corresponds to the major trends that have been identified in the main forums that evaluate our future.

The greatest specialists in Humanism and Futurism have been alerting us to the dangers of allowing ourselves to be overcome by technology. The latter, they insist, exists to serve humans; not the other way around.

Teleperformance believes that the combination of a technological environment and a human approach is the key to creating empathy and building lasting relationships. And that’s the main approach in our business development.

high tech high touch

High Tech High Touch – Teleperformance leads

Naturally, as a leading company in its industry, Teleperformance cannot afford to fall behind. As the biggest experts in interaction and customer service, it is up to us to lead the process and point the way for the future of this industry.

Aware of its pioneering role, Teleperformance has been incorporating technology in automation, robotics and artificial intelligence, thus staying at the forefront of innovation.

In 2018, for example, the process of incorporating Intelligent Automation was particularly accelerated, namely integrating natural language processing into the offer of omnichannel services in 36 different languages.

Teleperformance assumes digital transformation as a goal and to support all technological activity and has been integrating data analysis and business intelligence solutions, thus ensuring that the technological interaction is properly evaluated and that its concrete results are monitored.

Human Touch

This high tech high touch concept implies that the human side is present. We believe that the secret of success lies in the combination of the two factors. Being able to incorporate technology so that it is a facilitator of interaction and empathy, only possible precisely through the human factor.

Our concern has been to automate repetitive tasks, thus freeing employees for engagement tasks, to which the human is effectively dedicated. With this, we raise the level of service we provide to our customers, reinforcing the leadership position we have in the market.

What we propose is, effectively, a customer-centric service, in which the human touch is valued and technology supports the interaction. With this strategy, we guarantee quick response rates and reliability, while ensuring the human relationship with the customer.

high tech high touch

The digital change

The digital universe has brought great changes in the way brands relate to consumers. And many of the digital tools are now prominent. Joint research between Teleperformance and Harvard Business Review Analytic Services shows that 86% of marketers connect with their audience through social networks and that email marketing is used by 72% of these professionals. But 60% of respondents recognized that they had difficulty replicating the interpersonal experience with consumers using digital technologies.

On the other hand, many companies find it difficult to get the customer-centric strategy right, basically because they don’t have this logic integrated in their organizational culture. In many cases, there is no operational capacity to personalize interactions or systems for measuring results and analyzing data.

Automation can effectively bring efficiency and consistency benefits. But it’s humans who are able to establish custom connections that stand the test of time.

high tech high touch

As technology advances, the values of human connection, emotions, empathy and personalization are more valuable than ever. The luxuries of the future will also lie in the ability to humanize and eventually even disconnect.

That’s why high tech high touch strategy is central to Teleperformance Digital Integrated Business Services (DIBS), where we seek solutions that integrate cutting-edge technology. Our focus is on developing transformations that bring value to the consumer experience while at the same time improving efficiency, reducing costs and allowing us to explore new opportunities.

Above all, we seek, in partnership with our clients, solutions that adapt to the needs of their customers.

Teleperformance believes that the combination of a technological environment and a human approach is the key to creating empathy and building long-lasting relationships.

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