In the surf paradise, Portugal, there is sea for all.

From the giant waves of Nazaré, with Garrett Mcnamara looking very small in the middle of an entire ocean, to the turbulent and perfect waves for surfing in Arrifana.
Surfboard under your arm, sunburned skin and dives in salt water.
If you identify with any of the subjects written in the above sentence, then you have to surf on Portuguese beaches. And when we say beaches, in plural form, it’s because there really are many! From north to south and even on the islands, it’s a rough choice because they all have different but equally incredible characteristics for surfing.

Carcavelos Beach

Very close to Lisbon, the beach of Carcavelos is one of the favourite beaches of those who are taking the first steps in the world of surfing. The waves are perfect for beginners, of beach break type, that is, the peaks with sand bottom help the formation of waves, that break to the right and to the left.

Best places to surf

Arrifana, Costa Vicentina

Located in one of the most beautiful areas of Portugal, Costa Vicentina, Arrifana beach is one of the favourite destinations for surfers and body boarders. Surrounded by huge cliffs and 2 minutes from a fishing village, this destination has the best of 2 worlds: sports and the best food. With turbulent waves of higher difficulty than on the beach of Carcavelos, this is, undoubtedly, one of the beaches you can’t miss.

Surf in Portugal


We continue descending towards the south of Portugal and we arrive at Sagres. As we descend, we also increase the difficulty of the waves. This is considered by many to be one of the best surfing destinations. Here, the waves are better after summer and challenge any surfer to do his best. In addition to enjoying the waves, the sea offers other activities that you won’t want to miss, from diving to cave tours.

Best places to Surf

North Beach, Nazaré

Who has never heard of the giant waves of Nazaré has not been listening to surf news. Only with great courage can you face the giants of North Beach. They are the largest waves in the world and can reach 30 meters. It was even one of those waves that Garrett McNamara was able to surf and made history! More recently, Portuguese surfer Hugo Vau has been able to challenge this sea and sign his name on the list of the best surfers in the world. But if you think it’s getting too hard, you can go to Suberco Viewpoint and enjoy the view.

Surf in Nazaré

Paúl do Mar, Madeira

After Portugal’s mainland… we continue to Madeira Island. The oldest island in Portugal has a fairly deep coastline which makes the waves large and with surf very close to the coast. A paradise for surfers, in a very quiet area that became world famous with the World Surfing Championship in 2001.

Surf in Madeira

The itinerary is ready, the destination is set. Now we just have to start.
And don’t forget that surfing makes you hungry. In each of these zones there is wonderful food that you will enjoy. Still not on your way?

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