Do you want a change of scenery? In 2017 Portugal was elected one of the best countries to live.

Safety, health and well-being, personal happiness, are just some of the criteria considered!
According to The Expat Insider Survey 2017, Portugal is the fifth best country in the world to live. This is a questionnaire that receives opinions from 13,000 people living outside their native land, in 166 countries.

The Portuguese friendly attitude was something highlighted by the participants, as well as great weather, good food, fantastic places to visit and the country’s safety.

The well-being and overall quality of life had great results! If you are looking for a new adventure, Portugal is a great place to start. But why should you choose Portugal? Besides the reasons already mentioned, and the opinion of 13,000 people, here are some things that you have to take into account:

Best place to live
Best place to live

People are friendly and welcoming

The Portuguese are friendly people and are always willing to help. They are the kind of people who help each other whenever someone needs to.

Most people can speak English and other languages

A large part of the Portuguese population can speak English. They are open to other cultures and therefore interested in learning more about them.

Affordable, tasty and healthy food

The cost of food is affordable in supermarkets. In fact, it is possible to buy products that are not essential, like a good wine, at a very affordable price. As for restaurants, there are many of them, with good quality and good prices, unlike other European cities.

Best place to live
Best places to live

Great weather

Temperatures in summer are around 30 degrees Celsius and sometimes even higher, especially in coastal areas such as Algarve. The holiday areas are great with stunning beaches and greenery. In general, temperatures are very pleasant all year round.

Accessible transport network

Public transport services are accessible, around € 1,85. There is a good transport network in Portugal and you can get to the main points of the city using public transport.

A culture full of history and tradition

Portugal’s history is full of events that marked the country and the world. In this country by the sea, there are many traditions, from food to the most entertaining parties. For example during summertime there are the Feasts of the Popular Saints. These festivities are spread all over the country and celebrate, through gastronomy, music and entertainment, the various Popular Saints.

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