If you’ve heard of Portugal, you’ve probably already heard rumors about the famous (and delicious) Portuguese food!

However, with so much variety it is difficult to choose what to taste first. We are here to help you with this important decision.

Portugal food
Portugal Codfish


Bread, steak or roast beef, sausage, fresh sausage, ham, cheese, egg (optional) and traditional sauce. These are the ingredients that shape the famous Francesinha. Daniel Silva created this delicious dish back in the 1950s. A Portuguese emigrant in France, who combined the best of the Portuguese and French worlds. Francesinha comes from the North of Portugal, and many tourists who pass by make a point, and rightly so, to taste this delicacy.


This fish is a favorite of the Portuguese and is even present on the Portuguese Christmas table. Several dishes have cod as the main ingredient, the challenge is to choose the best one. “Cod à la brás”, “cod with cream”, “minhota cod” and “cod à la gomes de sá”. These are just a few examples among hundreds of cod recipes. Our suggestion? Try all you can.

Portugal food
Portuguese sardines


Grilled sardines are simple and tasty. They are eaten especially in the summer and in the popular Portuguese parties, and are most of the time accompanied by a very cold beer! They are already part of the Portuguese culture and this is a product consumed for thousands of years in the Iberian Peninsula. The sardine is a true national symbol, if you come to visit Portugal you have to taste this delicacy.

Pastel de nata (cream cake)

And to finish the meal, nothing better than a good dessert. This dessert is known in Portugal and around the world, the queues are endless just to taste the famous Pastel de Nata. You will be able to find this delicacy practically in all cafes and pastries. It is filled with a delicious cream, surrounded by crunchy dough, sprinkled with cinnamon and powdered sugar. It was created in the 1800s in Belém, in the well-known Jerónimos Monastery in an attempt to save the same and it worked!

In the canteens of Teleperformance Portugal, we make a point of giving our multicultural team a taste of traditional Portuguese food. Come to visit us!

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