Are you thinking about having an abroad experience and don’t know where to begin? A lot of people want to live in Portugal!

If you want to live in Portugal, there’s a lot of reasons to do it! We give you 5 essential things you need to know about this beautiful country, before going on your next adventure:

A sunny country

For those who want to live in Portugal, the weather is definitely a plus! Some people want to live in Portugal because the Portuguese climate is considered to be the best in Europe. On average we have 10 months of sunshine every year! Normally Portugal’s westerly location keep the temperatures in the pleasant 30 degrees with a refreshing breeze along the coast. The south becomes gradually warmer and sunnier than the north and the touristic region of Algarve has a dry and sunny microclimate. In summer, Portugal is protected by the Azores High, so it’s usually sunny everywhere.

Public transportation

If you are moving to Portugal, don’t worry about public transportation. Portugal has everything you need to explore the country: trams, buses, airports, trains, metros, taxis and Uber. Trains and buses are generally very affordable, with tickets starting around the €1 mark.

Delicious Portuguese food

With ingredients coming from several parts of the world, like grains from Africa, codfish from the North Atlantic, meat from the Iberian Peninsula and fresh seafood, Portuguese food is healthy and usually very accessible! There are more expensive dishes and restaurants of course, but you can have a nice and healthy meal for 12 euros or lower, depending on the restaurant. If you are going to the supermarket, the groceries are affordable comparing to the rest of Europe. If you want to know more about Portuguese food, check our blog post Portuguese food: 4 dishes you should try

want to live in Portugal?

Portuguese healthcare

In Portugal, there are services for providing healthcare to everyone, organized as the National Health Service. In addition to public service, there are private health institutions and professionals available. The public service is not free, but if you live and work in Portugal and contribute to social security in Portugal, you can receive free or discounted healthcare. But the best part? Teleperformance Portugal gives you access to health and dental insurance after 6 months working with us and also gives you access to a free company clinic!

The language

The 10-million population of Portugal speaks Portuguese, a Romance language which derived from Vulgar Latin. You can learn it too! There are a lot of languages courses available in the country with accessible prices. But if you work at Teleperformance Portugal, we give to our foreign employees the opportunity to learn Portuguese for free, along with other useful training programs the company organizes regularly.

Do you want to live in Portugal?

We hope that this article may be useful for you when you decide to live in Portugal! While you make your plans to move, check our job opportunities. Moreover, if you want to know more about the country, here are some articles that you may like:

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