Larissa is Dutch and works at Teleperformance Portugal for about one year and a half. Know her experience and testimonial about living in the country.

Work in Lisbon – Originally from the Netherlands. Larissa found Teleperformance Portugal searching the web for an international professional career opportunity. She saw the Atlantic Experience video on TP Youtube channel and were also able to find consistent online information about the company. The decision was made and she applied for TP Portugal.

One year and a half later, she is planning to stay for a long time. She loves Lisbon and finds it really easy to make friends. “At TP we can always find someone to socialize after work.”, she says. While there’s a serious commitment to the daily work responsibilities, she also tries to explore the city and some other Portuguese regions, especially on weekends.

There are, indeed, some cultural differences between Holland and Portugal. After the predictable adaptation period, Larissa is now fully integrated and even feeling at home: “Coming to Portugal and work in Lisbon was one of the best decisions I have ever made”, she says.

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