Located on the slopes of the Douro River, Porto is a unique city, rich in history, good food and breathtaking views.

Our colleagues that Work in Porto are very lucky to be able to enjoy this city every day! When you are in Porto, you want to visit absolutely everything. We decided to help you select some must-see places. Ready for the trip?

Clérigos Tower

When you Work in Porto, the Clérigos Tower is the most iconic landmark of the city and it must be at the top of your list! Get ready to climb 240 steps, but do not worry, the view over the whole city is worth it. With 76 meters height, the Tower was built by the architect Nicolau Nasoni and inaugurated in 1750. Since then, thousands of people have come to Porto to see the famous Clérigos Tower.

Gardens of the Crystal Palace

Built in 1885, the Palace is one of the most visited places in the city of Porto. You can enjoy a breathtaking view over the Douro River and still get some fresh air, strolling through the romantic gardens of this palace. This is a place that seems to be drawn from fairy tales.

Livraria Lello

It is such a popular bookshop that almost all city tours stop at this special place. The Guardian has chosen Livraria Lello as the 3rd most beautiful bookstore in the world. For fans of the famous Harry Potter books, this is one of the best sites they can visit! It is said that Gothic details and the red stairway inspired Hogwarts, since JK Rowling lived in Porto.

Work in Porto


One of the most typical places to visit if you Work in Porto, is Ribeira. Located at the edge of the Douro River and due to its beauty and history, was chosen World Heritage by UNESCO. Part of the adventure on a boat trip, with incredible views over the D. Luiz I, D. Maria and Pontes da Arrábida bridges. When you finish, try the famous Northern delicacies in one of the many typical restaurants in Ribeira. Explore this area and get to know the essence of the city of Porto.

Porto Wine Cellars

Are you a wine connoisseur? Even if the answer is no, it is worth visiting the famous Port Wine Cellars! In the nearby city of Porto, Vila Nova de Gaia, you can find these traditional Caves, where the famous Port wine is produced. All visits end with the proof of this unique wine, fortified and made from grapes from the Douro Region.

Work in Porto

What do you think of our suggestions? It’s a city you have to visit! If you are interested in new opportunities in a place like this, do not waste more time and join our team:

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