Yes, it’s true, ECCCSA Teleperformance Portugal are the most praiseworthy words we can hear this year!

This year we are again competing for the ECCCSA awards and … we have great news for you! We are one of the great finalists in seventeen categories!

If you work at Teleperformance Portugal or have already heard about us, then you know that we are a company that collects a vast list of achievements in terms of awards and trophies in our sector.

The year 2020 brought us a different way of operating in our daily routine, not only at Teleperformance Portugal, but in almost all companies in our sector.

And, because we have a new reality, we are faced with the challenge of doing more and better, at a distance, with excellence and the usual delivery.

It is for this reason that this year we continue to compete for contests and awards that highlight the best CX and Contact Center services.

As we said, this year Teleperformance highlight the nominations for the ECCCSA awards in 17 categories!

If you are not familiar with the topic, the ECCCSA awards are the oldest program in the contact center industry. The organization and the juries recognize the effort, professionalism and results of several companies in Europe in delivering customer services.

Only Teleperformance Portugal stands out as a finalist in 9 categories in the ECCCSA awards: Best employer- Great Place to Work; Responding in to Crisis; Best Contact Center Support team among others.

In the remaining categories we highlight our TP brothers from Spain, France, Russia, Greece, Sweden, Germany, Finland, Romania and Denmark.

The winners will only be revealed in March 2021, but you can consult all the information about ECCCSA Teleperformance Portugal categories and nominees on the official website:

Teleperformance Portugal competes for the ECCCSA awards with great reasons: we are a company of people where each interaction matters, surrounded by the best technology and the best CX teams.

If you are part of the Teleperformance universe, you certainly contributed to help us be finalists in 17 categories in the ECCCSA awards, this achievement is also yours, thank you and congratulations!

Stay tuned to follow the news about ECCCSA Teleperformance Portugal!

If you are not part of the team yet, what are you waiting for?

You can apply for the vacancies that Teleperformance has available in several languages ​​at

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