Have you imagined the feeling of being living wherever you dream of? Yes? Then, continue to imagine it… picture it in your head… continue… and you just found it! With Teleperformance, you have the freedom of working from anywhere in the world. It’s true, meet the testimonials!


You may have thought that the search and accomplishment of working from wherever you want, would not be easy. But Teleperformance has created TP Cloud Campus – the business model that lets you have the freedom of working from anywhere in the world.

TP Cloud Campus is based on remote teamwork. This is, we have a unique, collaborative, and boiling team, working from home, wherever it is, wherever it travels. This team supports each other daily to develop their work with the same efficiency and quality as if they were in an office.

Daniel, a Supervisor working in this business model, tells us that, for him, the best experience of Cloud Campus is “seeing the increasement of the happiness and engagement of the team” by the fact of having the opportunity to work where they desire.

One of the Trainers, David, even mention that it is increasingly important, and especially now with the pandemic, to people feel comfortable where they work, but still connected:

“I believe we are going through a time in history in which it is important to appreciate the fact that we are able to stay active and productive from the comfort of a safe space, as well as the opportunity to work and connect with other colleagues from all around the globe.”

Know the advantages!

Even though it is an amazing advantage, the benefits of working to Teleperformance on TP Cloud Campus model, go beyond the freedom of working from anywhere in the world!

Starting with the most obvious, you will save time by avoiding the trips to work and back home. And you know what they say… time is money! So you will save money without transportation costs and avoid traffic, reducing your carbon footprint. Basically, especially if you live away from work, your quality of life will improve!

But that is not all. Teleperformance Portugal has an international and multicultural environment which is reflected even in TP Cloud Campus. David, confess to us that:

“The direct contact with all this diversity in methodologies, solutions, and perspectives has been the key in both my professional and personal growth.”

And the fact that you may work on your mother language is, for many, a great advantage, confess to us Jérôme, one of our TP Cloud Campus Customer Service Representative.

We know you are already dreaming about Cloud Campus but let us continue for those who are just starting!

Let’s talk about the mentoring, the training and the challenges!

After the application and hiring, it is time for the training, and this could be a challenge. Yet, David affirms is possible to learn anything and to train everything, only creativity is needed:

“There is an inevitable shift in perspective implied in the ways we reach our training objectives and development goals. It is imperative that we remain focused on the fact that everything and anything is achievable through this method, but our paths from point A to point B might often need to be reformulated.”

When we asked Supervisor Daniel if he considers he has all the tools to support the team, the answer was simple:

“A resounding Yes! Not only do we have dedicated support teams on the ready to help us whenever any issues show up, but they are also the top of the crop and always willing to help out whenever we need.”

Also, it was mentioned the fact that the different tools that are used have frequently new improvements, according to the feedback and ideas of the team, improving the support.

Daniel also shared that, after using all the tips and advice given by Teleperformance about managing a remote team, it completely shattered his initial idea and misconception of managing a remote team. For him:

“People are happier, more engaged and, as shocking as it might be, they also show more professionalism than usual, due to the fact that being able to work from the comfort of their home; it is pretty much their dream job”.

Now that you are faced with this reality, are you going to continue to just dream it or will you choose the freedom of working from anywhere in the world? For us, it is an easy choice. We search for top talent, wherever it is!


Watch our video presenting the TP Cloud Campus! Work from home, in the location you love.

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