Are you in doubt if a remote sales job can be the best solution for you? Don’t be, we will prove to you that you only have good reasons to bet on this challenge!

The secret was never in the format, but in the tools that you have available both at the technical level and at the level of personal skills.

A sale is an achievement, when we are able to captivate the customer with our service, its potential and finalize the purchase process.

A remote sale means that the seller and the customer are not in the same place in the process, which does not prevent you from successfully completing your work, on the contrary, the secret is in communication! And communication today, often comes to us in a virtual way.

There are some basic advantages of remote sales job, daily time management, the flexibility to reconcile personal and professional life, and even some super friendly factors for the environment, because by working remotely, you also reduce your commuting, which causes financially the scenario is even more attractive.

One of the advantages of living in a highly evolved world at a digital and technological level, is that contact with our potential customers can be made in a 100% virtual way, as well as customer support, the sale of services and the accompaniment to it -long of the whole process.

Nowadays we have tools such as video conferences, telephone calls with voice registration, digital contracts, among others that facilitate the process of purchasing and building a relationship with the customer.

If in your case you work remotely in sales together with your team, then you will certainly know that keeping in touch and daily follow-up of your tasks and goals is easy and effective, as if they were all together in the facilities.

At Teleperformance, we recently introduced a new work model that allies closely with the home-office format, the TP Cloud Campus.

It would be unfair to limit the concept of the TP Cloud Campus to a remote working model, when in fact it is teamwork through the Cloud!

Our employees have highly collaborative tools which allows all members of the team to be connected and in permanent contact, in a virtual environment, from any geographical area in the world.

That said, it is clear that one of the biggest advantages of TP Cloud Campus is the fact that you can work from wherever you want, linked to what you like to do most.

And why are we talking about TP Cloud Campus? Because it fits so well with this remote sales theme, have you ever thought that it can be an excellent solution for you?

You are certainly questioning what kind of limitations exist in this remote format, but TP Cloud Campus sets aside limitations and opens the door to solutions!

Through this teamwork, all our employees have access to training, continuous career progression, daily monitoring by team leaders and the most advanced technology to contact with all those involved.

In fact, people working on the TP Cloud Campus model work remotely, but together, as if they were physically present.

If your initial question was why a remote sales job may be the ideal solution for you, it is also essential to take into account that this work model allows you an advantageous flexibility of time, manage your own time, reduce carbon, be part of a virtual team from the comfort of your home, save money, improve quality of life and last but not least … live wherever you want!

In addition to all the advantages that involve the more professional side of this work model, at Teleperformance we never forget the human side and all the dynamics that break barriers and bring our employees closer together.

Over the past few years we have been developing several team initiatives, free activities throughout the year and moments of sharing among all employees.

In 2020 the concept of proximity changed and as an immediate response we started to carry out team dynamics and activities for employees in a 100% virtual format, thus involving all virtual teams! And this is something we want to maintain, as the well-being of our employees is essential.

Will you consider a remote sales work? Don’t miss your chance!

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