Teamwork has always been one of the main values at Teleperformance Portugal.

Date of joining Teleperformance: December 2007
Current role: First Line Manager

Siliva Tavares

Teamwork – what does it mean?

For Silvia Tavares, teamwork means sharing challenges, meeting team goals and giving the best every single day during the past 12 years!

Get to know Silvia’s story!

My name is Silvia Tavares, I’m from Palmela and I’ve been working at Teleperformance for about 12 years now. As soon as I finished high school, I had the opportunity to work in my field, but at the time, when I was 17 years old, I had to come to Lisbon. This change of life and routine brought me many constraints. Teleperformance Setúbal had been opened for 1 year (2006) and I applied spontaneously in December 2007. I was selected and so I started my career in the company.

Like many other colleagues who are still in the company today, I started as a Customer Service Representative. I remember (as if it were today) the panic that I felt on my first call! I thought I wouldn’t be able to stay and be part of the team for a long time, but I found out from an early age that I liked talking to people. I talked to several clients a day and, of course, I was not always treated with the greatest sympathy, but not all people are the same. It was always a challenge, I never knew what the theme was, the client or the situation when receiving a new call. I was curious and always helped as much as I could, according to the rules of each operation that I’ve been. I continued to grow. I had the opportunity to be in Inbound calls, to do Backoffice work, manage complaints, be a trainer, among other tasks. Nowadays I’m First Line Manager and I’m happy. I’m still a young woman with the desire to grow more and more.

Teleperformance was my first and only job, so far. The company received me at a time in my life that I didn’t know what to do and gave me the knowledge and the necessary values to be who I am today. To the people who, throughout all these years, have been with me and helped me in this personal/professional development, I thank them from the bottom of my heart for the help they have always given me and for all the teamwork. We are a multinational company, I started in Setúbal and now am in Lisbon for several years. I have already moved from city to city, I switched homes and have met new people. I am still a dreamer; a hardworking person and, every day, have the desire to progress. I feel special belonging to this team for all the values that we practice. Naturally, not every day are good, but there is always something good every day. I love my team, I love managing people, I love meeting challenges and challenging people to get there, through teamwork. I like to know, understand and explain. I am faithful to my principles and committed to fulfilling my individual and team goals. For these reasons, I will continue to be at Teleperformance Portugal, smiling and giving the best of myself to my company.

Is teamwork one of your “must-have” when looking for a new job opportunity? As you can see, it also a key point for Teleperformance Portugal! Interested in joining the team? Check all job opportunities!

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