TP Club has no queues. There are no ticketing systems, let alone a VIP area. But it has a lot going on!

As we all need moments of relaxation, particularly at work, nothing like having a club that deals with exactly this. It is these moments that make us more willing to work and enjoy our professional life. It was with this in mind that TP Club was born. It’s a club created by Teleperformance Portugal, which provides exclusive and memorable experiences to Teleperformance employees.

Why is team building so important?

The quality of results obtained in any work environment is directly dependent on the human connections between the team. Team Building builds trust, mitigates conflict, encourages communication, and increases collaboration. Effective team building means engaged employees, which is essential for the company culture.

Why TP Club?

Spending time together, sharing experiences, or working towards a common goal allows bonding more organically and effectively. Recognition is an essential factor for all professionals, regardless of their field. The feeling of appreciation for one’s work motivates everyone to want to go further. This makes productivity and happiness at work increase accordingly.

What is TP Club?

At TP Club there are workshops, tournaments, initiatives, and many other events. This is where cultural diversity, talent, and everyone who is part of the team are celebrated. It’s through these activities that we reinforce the company’s philosophy and values, motivating the sharing of good times among everyone who makes Teleperformance what it is: one of the best 25 companies in the world to work for.


What’s in the TP Club?

TP Club is full of activities that involve the whole team. From Surf lessons to TSN Online Self Defense, Kart Racing or Soft Trekking. There are other days when we call the family to work, like the Family Games Day. Besides this, there are also internal championships on the TP Cup where competitiveness comes to the fore, but also the spirit of mutual help and friendship. There is an agenda that you can check here.

The best parties at the TP Club?

The Christmas party is one of the most emblematic at the TP Club. This is where a year of achievements is celebrated. It is filled with food, drink, music, Christmas spirit, and unforgettable moments. Some people wait all year for this celebration!

The Summer Party, on the other hand, celebrates the end of a successful semester. The good weather helps, but to this is added the spirit of celebration, music, and animation. It doesn’t get any better!

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