Teleperformance carried out, one more time, the tree planting initiative within the Citizen of the Planet program.

The event took place last Saturday, January 21st, in the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park. 47 employees planted 150 trees, fundamentally oak trees and arbutus. These types of trees are not chosen randomly. These are native species that help to reforest burned areas. And they still help not to deplete the soil and to prevent future fires. 

Tree planting initiative: taking care of the future 

This is the third time that Teleperformance Portugal has planted trees. In addition, every year we carry out soil cleaning and maintenance actions. We usually carry out the planting between the months of October and February. In turn, maintenance and cleaning occur in the year’s remaining months. In this maintenance action, we cut the trunk of several invasive species that steal the necessary nutrients from native trees. It is also important for preventing fires and reducing the harmful effects of fires on global warming. 

This environmental activity was carried out in partnership with the “Associação Plantar uma Árvore”. Tree planting initiative has a very positive impact on our goal to help fight global warming. 

Environmental Commitment 

The Teleperformance family has made a commitment to reduce its ecological footprint. The idea is to reduce, every day and as much as possible, any negative environmental impact, so that future generations can have access to all the resources necessary for their survival. 

We started by creating sustainable workplaces, where reducing water, paper, and waste reduction costs became our number one priority. Our goal is to have a paperless work environment. 

Since 2015, we have eliminated plastic waste, giving all employees who start working with us a reusable bottle. And also, all plastic caps that our employees deliver in the reception rooms of the Teleperformance buildings arrive at Dona Estefânia Hospital, to help in the purchase of materials to take care of children. 

We think in a sustainable way! 

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