One thing is sure: Even far away, you should always care about the wellbeing of your team. The wellbeing for remote workers should be a priority for any company.


For many of us, working from home is a dream come true. We avoid the stress caused by the frenetic daily routine and have a better balance work-life balance. However, especially in lockdown, many people miss the socialization that existed in our daily lives. Whether for the most casual conversations in the office corridors or for the physical presence of others outside our 4 walls at home.

Social isolation can negatively contribute to anyone’s mental health and companies must find the best ways to get around this problem for their team. The wellbeing for remote workers must be an aspect integrated into any organizational strategy.

It is not news that a happy team – that feels supported and healthy – will have more motivation and more commitment to their work, influencing their productivity and, in turn, contributed to a better performance of the organization.

In Teleperformance Portugal, wellbeing for remote workers (or those in the office, of course!) is a priority. We continually try to adjust to our reality and create new ways for employees to feel connected and supported.

Keep in touch!

This motto can be represented in several ways, whether through meetings or other ways of communicating with employees. One of the things that in Teleperformance Portugal we encourage all managers to do is to talk to their teams, either through joint meetings or one-on-one meetings, so that we understand how each one is dealing with the situation. This way it is possible to listen to their needs and find the best way to help any employee.

For the team to feel informed and involved, communication is essential. In addition to meetings with direct managers, why not send a weekly newsletter with some of the weekly highlights? Or create a meeting or video with messages from the leadership? Content creation is a great way for employees not to feel isolated and know what is going on, creating feelings of belonging.

Provide wellness resources that the team can take advantage of

One of the first things Teleperformance found essential to communicate to employees when we had to go to lockout was a psychological helpline contact. People feel supported when they know that if they need help, they have nowhere to ask for it. This type of support is fundamental for any company.

Besides, we have started to provide online curative medicine. It is possible for Teleperformance Portugal employees to request an online consultation if they need an opinion from a health professional, to solve a medical problem, need some medical prescription, as well as for other matters. Whenever a first online analysis is possible, we encourage our employees to make an appointment with us.

Wellbeing for remote workers

Create a plan that focuses on mental health

Companies need to talk to employees about mental health so that there are awareness and problem-solving. Teleperformance implemented a program of workshops on different mental health topics for all employees. Topics such as depression and isolation, the management of family and work life, the importance of sleep, personal development, habits of food, among others. The proof that our employees need and value this type of initiative, is their high number of interest in these workshops.

In addition to these workshops dedicated to mental health, Teleperformance Portugal organizes free activities for employees every month – from surf lessons, sports tournaments, workshops of the most varied crafts, trekkings through the best places in Portugal, among other activities that, currently, have been adapted to be done online.

Worry about how employees are doing, and act

In accordance with the first point, is one of the practices that Teleperformance has been adopting. In addition to meetings in which you try to understand how employees are reacting to work from home, it is important to make surveys. Some employees may not feel comfortable exposing their concerns and needs openly at meetings, so other ways of listening must be found. Surveys, while anonymous, are a good practice to really discover how well-being workers are working remotely.


These are some of our practices so that they can serve as an example to other colleagues in the Human Resources and Marketing fields. The well-being of people must be of interest to the whole community and common to all companies.


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