Tim Munsterm decided to work abroad after finishing his college degree.

Work abroad
Age: 26
Originally from: Peize, The Netherlands

Tim Munsterm

He joined Teleperformance Portugal in 2015 to work abroad and now wants to share his success story!

As you know, work abroad can be challenging. How was your adaptation to Portugal?

It’s always a challenge to work abroad, however having studied in the United Kingdom for four years, I was ready for a new cultural experience. At first, my girlfriend and I looked at summer jobs. Simply to see more of Europe and enjoy some nicer weather. All of the sudden I came across an ad for a job offer here at Teleperformance. The job was for CSR. After a few short minutes of discussion we both felt that we would enjoy any country much better if we lived there for a longer time. I thought it would be relatively easy to adjust to yet another country. However, the culture shock was huge in comparison. Settling in took a little over a month of Airbnb accommodation and a lot of help from our very friendly hostess. Once the initial shock had settled we were able to start enjoying our new home. The people I have met and places I have seen since, have only strengthened my feeling that it was a great choice to move here.

How has your journey been since you started working at Teleperformance?

Like so many people at this company I started out as a CSR. This was for the project where I’m still currently working. After more or less six months providing technical support new challenges were being provided. Starting small with some extra tasks supporting my colleague, until I was asked to support the team in the role of Team Leader and later First Line Manager. After a year of supporting several teams the project expanded and the position of Real Time Manager became available. I jumped on the chance to do this as it gave yet another perspective on the company and its people.

What did your recent career progression mean to you and what are the short-term objectives for your career at Teleperformance?

The different roles I have fulfilled over the last two years gave me great satisfaction. I started to be in contact with more and more interesting people, all willing to share their knowledge and skills with me. I started to see that my actions and ideas could have an impact. Whether it is through coaching, coordination of different teams or providing data to help realize a procedural change. I can help people enjoy their work a lot more and this in turn makes me enjoy mine. Currently I am looking into Jump for ACM as this would provide a huge challenge and a push on my abilities. However, the best opportunities for me so far have come up unintended, so I’m keeping an open mind. There is still a lot to learn in and about Teleperformance, even after two years.

What does it mean to you to belong to Teleperformance?

Teleperformance has always been a place for me to learn and grow while I work abroad.  It has supported me both on a professional and personal level. Even though it is a huge company I have never felt alone or unheard. I know that we all have our frustrations with the way things go from time to time, but I have seen Teleperformance work hard to tackle the common problems. To me this is very positive. The company learns the same way we all do, with time and some mistakes. However, knowing so many people who work so very hard to improve their part of the workplace, I can only be grateful that I too can contribute. Hopefully, my story can remind us that for the majority of each week, we work here together so we should keep making it the best place to work!

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