Several Food Trucks will enter through the Botanic Garden to celebrate the traditions and innovations that make us special.

On May 5th, World Food Fest shows the world as it is and make it spin with the strength of people and their unique ability to interact. Teleperformance joins this multicultural festival to give you the power to taste the world and share all types of backgrounds, success stories, and happiness.

That’s why World Food Fest shares the values and DNA of the worldwide leader in Customer Experience Management and also one of the best companies to work for in Europe.

World Food Fest

It’s in the Earth that, from 10am to 7pm, you will taste the best flavors from Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Thailand, Argentine and Belgium. Furthermore, you can buy directly from 5 producers, such as Dormedario, Mel Cavalheiro, Ementa SB, Binca Rouge or Kokedama.

Besides that, the Ocean will give you the power to experience what makes our world unique and let you move it with your hands. Dance to the sound of several music shows, learn Brazilian Traditional Dances, make wooden masks, among many other things, in that unique world that World Food Fest presents to you!

If all interactions matter, they also matter to World Food Fest. Teleperformance knows that sharing all types of backgrounds can bring success and happiness in the business. We want you to arrive, to stay and to travel with us. But if traveling around the world seems unfeasible, experience the mix of flavors and discover the friends you will make.

Are you ready to taste the wonders of the world?

This can be your daily world. If you are a new talent and want to be part of a culturally diverse experience, you can apply for all the types of jobs at

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