Top social media tips: This is the question we all want the answer for! Success on social media depends on a defined strategy, but there are some surefire tips! Know what they are in this article!


Social platforms are inevitably present in our lives and play a crucial role in promoting any business or brand today, so knowing the top social media tips is vital for any company.

We are aware of the exponential growth in the use of social media in recent years and even during the pandemic this growth has not changed. So, the better your social media strategy and the greater the online presence of your brand and/or product, the greater the likelihood of creating followers and letting your target audience know about your business, and this way, the more likely they are to be potential customers or future customers.

But bigger is not always better!

It’s important to develop a social media marketing strategy to determine which platforms work best for your business and which content achieves the best return.

Usually, we are faced with a problem in the use of social media: unilateral communication!
However, the true value of these platforms lies in a single trick: the ability to facilitate conversations. But how to do it?

In this article, we’ll give you the best social media tips that will help you promote your brand on these platforms.

Top social media tips

Ask more questions!

Instead of simply sharing information about a topic and waiting for others to interact with it, try to ask questions. And when people respond, incite conversation.

By doing this, you will be able to understand how a topic applies to different cultures and workplaces, and see alternative perspectives – so you will have a much broader understanding of that topic. People share practical examples from real life that can give you a different perception of your business.
Often, these conversations even bring new business opportunities and the capitalization of followers.

Use polls!

Surveys allow you to obtain information from your audience, but with additional benefits that other tools do not offer.
One exercise you can do is ask your LinkedIn audience, for example, to choose which topics they would be most interested in knowing more about. Or ask them to share their ideas in the comments section.

This way you know what types of content your specific audience on Linkedin would like to see and consequently increase your open rate for the content you publish.

Learn from criticism

One of the biggest benefits of social media is also one of its dangers: The fact that everyone can criticize the content you publish.
We all know some internet “trolls”, but in fact, some criticisms from your audience may even be useful. Sometimes, you may even notice that your message is cloudy and/or difficult to understand or that the content may not be the most suitable for a specific platform.

Choose the right platforms for your audience.

A company or brand doesn’t need to be on all the social media that exist (which are many).
Bet on building a strategy where you consider which platforms work with the audience you want to attract/reach.
For this, you must understand and analyze your target audience and how they respond to/in each platform. Define your audience’s demographics such as age, gender, hobbies, occupation, etc.
For example, in a B2B company, LinkedIn would in theory be the reference platform.
If you are doing marketing for younger consumers, TikTok would possibly be a better bet. Or if you have a consumer-oriented brand that is particularly visual, Instagram is the perfect place to sell your product.


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