Moving during the day on a telework regime may seem challenging, but in this article, we give you some healthy tips for working from home and avoiding a sedentary lifestyle!


Moving around during the day is important, not only for physical and mental health, but also for increasing productivity, but with the pandemic crisis and remote work it is normal to adopt a more sedentary lifestyle.

To get around this, we have put together some tips that may be useful:



Working on the computer does not necessarily mean that we have to do it sitting down and one of the healthy tips for working from home is to do it while standing.

Standing has been proven to increase glucose, insulin levels, and blood pressure in a long term, and burns by far, more calories than sitting. Try to spend one or two hours of your working day standing, for example, while answering calls.

You can also take advantage of tasks that don’t need writing, take a walk around the house, stretch and do some balance exercises: it will help you to relieve tension, make the blood flow and you don’t need to get tired! An excellent option for those who are not a fan of working out!


If you are a person who practiced sports regularly before lockdown, it is normal that in these times you have felt less active. In addition to the fact that most gyms are closed, it may seem that there is no time for anything.

One of the healthy tips for working from home and playing sports is to organize your day-to-day lives, creating routines and setting schedules:

For early birds who like to wake up and shake their bodies in the morning, waking up a little earlier and going for a run or a walk is one of the options, however, for those who like to sleep a little more, you can allocate these activities for the late afternoon, after work.

If routines and schedules are not your “cup of tea”, try quick but effective exercises:

HIIT – high-intensity workouts – have gained a lot of popularity for being short workouts – between 15 to 30 min – but with exercises that in addition to burning a lot of calories, are simple and need little more than your own body and yet keeps the body in “active” mode for several post-workout hours. And because they are exercises that do not need devices or accessories, they can be done anywhere in your home and at any time of the day.

We also recommend short walks during your lunch break, not only because it is beneficial for your physique, but because a walk in a natural area, such as a park or by the sea, is great for your mental health and helps to maintain the ability to concentrate for the second part of the working day!


Daily tasks

In our day-to-day life, in addition to work, there are also a series of domestic chores that occupy part of the day and we can take advantage of them by trying to make them moments to exercise.

Some of these tasks are naturally more tiring, such as vacuuming the floor or washing the bathtub, as they require some effort on our part and trying to insert them into the routine is one of the healthy tips for working from home that only brings advantages: if on the one hand, you practice your daily dose of exercise, you also keep your space clean. And to further enhance this, you can do it all with a good playlist and while dancing – dancing is one of the best things you can do to make you feel good!

For those who have pets like dogs, taking them for a walk is a great excuse to take a walk during breaks. Not only is it great for the animal, which uses energy, but for you: who exercise, decompress, and relieve some tension.

Basically, in order to keep us healthy both physically and mentally, the important thing is to move a little bit every day, and there are ways to do it for all tastes even when you are at home: dancing, running, walking, cleaning, strolling … There are several possibilities and with good time management, we can easily include them in our routine. Researches show that the practice of exercise increases our productivity and concentration, giving us energy and joy to face our everyday life with motivation!


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