We present you the top wellness tips so that you can accomplish them stress-free and assiduously to balance work with personal life without belittling any of the two.


We have to admit: this is not a topic that we have not already dealt with here. And there are plenty of top wellness tips that can be found with a simple Google search. However, with so much information available we bet that you have lost focus and ended up not following any of them, your day-to-day life remains frantic, and you reach the end of your daily journey immersed in a sea of ​​back pain and worry.

Since the exodus of 2020, from the outside to the inside of our homes, the maintenance of wellness, both physical and psychological, has taken an important place in the list of our needs and is, in fact, an important topic. Why?
Because you possibly started working at home.
Knowing how to separate work from personal life when both are now in the same physical space can be more difficult than it seems, in fact, 70% of workers started to work an average of three more hours a day. A factor that can increase stress compared to work previously done in the office.

Another factor that we must not forget is the reality in which we live (which seems to have no end in sight) and which can have a substantially negative impact on our psyche. Yes, this is also not a new topic, but after months and months of dealing with the pandemic crisis and the exaggerated presence of the subject in the media and social media, there are consequences and even the strongest ones can go under.

But fear not! To help you out, here are the top wellness tips in short format.

top wellness tips

Let’s move!

Do you wake up already tired? Do you have back pain, but in the meantime, do you realize that you are not old enough for that? Has anxiety overtaken you and you lose yourself amid negative thoughts during various times of the day?
How long has been since you worried about your body? Even if you weren’t a person to go to the gym every day, most likely, now that you’re at home, you don’t move as much on foot as you used to, and the body, and consequently the mind, resents it.

Exercise helps to reduce depression, anxiety, stress, improves sleeping ability, memory, your cognitive abilities, increases your energy and improves your immune system. In short: it is good for your health, and as much as we like to freeze the brain with Big-Bang Theory marathons on Netflix, it is not enough to keep worries away.

Be aware that it is not necessary to buy the entire stock of Decathlon and become a top competitive athlete. Allow 45 minutes a day (yes, it is enough) to pay attention to your physical condition.

Choose a cheesy Spotify playlist to get in the “mood” and look for an app that motivates you and gives you goals. There are several free ones and with many types of training. The Nike App, for example, is free and has lots of training plans for anyone.

Invite your family to participate. Your children, friends, parents or your better half. Don’t have space at home for this kind of adventures? Look for a park, a garden, or any other public space near your home where you can have freedom of movement and not break any furniture when you are unbalanced in any exercise.

Home Office

Many of us have come across this reality, and we now realize that the situation was not so temporary after all.
The kitchen table chair is not suitable for 8 hours of work in the same position! The height of the living room table is also not ideal for correct posture. There is no point in having coherent physical activity if afterwards, we spend most of the day looking like the hunchback of Notre Dame. We indeed have to adapt to the conditions we have at home, however, there are always small changes that we can make and habits that we can adopt to improve remote work because we all agree: not having to travel to work every day, it pays off the effort.

The chair matters. Try to have one that supports your back and arms so that you can have a good posture. Take breaks during the day to stretch and move and don’t have lunch in front of the screen. Lunchtime is an excellent time to take a break from work and get your ideas in order. Decorate your space so that you feel compelled to work and comfortable. Do not neglect the time, set limits on the hours you spend in front of the computer and when that time passes, do not respond to more emails.


“Avoid, change, accept and adapt” are the 4 steps to deal with stress and that, in fact, work.

We all have situations at work that do not go so well, sometimes we feel that we are disappointed in ourselves, and that we cannot deal with the pressure of our negativity, that we are not capable, or we do not have confidence in some task that we are doing do.
Talk to yourself positively. The next time you are faced with a mistake or a failure, take a step back and instead of belittling yourself think of all the times you have done something right. You will be surprised at how much this can help.

Talk to someone. Venting is always the best medicine. If you don’t want to upset your friends or family with yet another existential crisis, you can always seek psychological help. Without labels or prejudices, nowadays, even the psychologists go to the psychologist.


It is important to pay some attention to what you eat. Healthy eating makes you feel energetic and creative. If you have a penchant for “stress eating” consult online recipes and prepare healthy snacks at home. It will make you feel in control of what you eat, and you don’t have to deal with the guilt of the afterwards.
Do not go shopping hungry and choose healthy foods for your daily meals. Secret? All vegetables gain grace when they are cooked in a Wok. Ain’t nobody got time for boiled carrots and broccoli.

Take time for yourself!

Perhaps the most important of the top wellness tips we can adopt to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Consider time for yourself, to spend time doing activities that you like and that make you feel good while disconnecting from work worries.

If you tend to be a “workaholic” put some hours dedicated to yourself in the calendar or agenda to do … whatever you feel like!

Spend time with your family and friends, turn off your phone for a few hours during the weekend, put it in a drawer where you don’t see it and turn off alerts and notifications of applications and social media.
A work-life balance is extremely important for you to achieve wellness daily. So that you can focus on what matters when it matters, to have time for yourself and fulfil your career goals!



However, if you have already put into practice the best wellbeing tips and are still overwhelmed by the stress of work, you might be better off changing jobs.

When you do, look for a company that has a constant concern for these values and that is proactive in protecting the well-being of its employees.

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