AI in customer experience can be an asset to all types of businesses

More and more companies are becoming interested in learning about how artificial intelligence works, especially how they can apply it to improve consumer engagement. And it is becoming increasingly clear that this technology can improve consumer interactions, and gain consumer trust. 

The Role of Artificial Intelligence

Although AI is not a replacement for human interaction, it can increase the efficiency of customer support and help remove tasks from humans, such as handling frequent requests for information. 

Artificial intelligence can also help break down communication barriers and automate customer interactions using other technologies such as machine learning and deep learning. 

Let’s have a look at how AI can help improve the customer experience: 

Providing personalized user experience 

AI helps in acquiring and analyzing social and historical customer data. This can be useful in predicting customer behavior. Consequently, it enables companies to provide increasingly relevant content that enhances sales prospects and improves the customer experience.  

AI also employs predictive analytics – the technique of making estimates using statistics, data collection, and indicators – used to guide the customer, provide personalized suggestions, and offer the most relevant offers to the users. 

Some points that AI can monitor: 
  • Previous interactions with customers 
  • Geographically specific occurrences 
  • Purchasing patterns 
  • Interactions with people on the ground 
  • Personality variables 
  • Sources of referrals 
Resolving customer problems faster and 24/7 

Customers increasingly expect to get fast and effective support service. Therefore, companies have created customer support centers to provide a complete experience to their users. In this context, Chatbots play a key role. They are used to answer queries or doubts immediately, provide relevant assistance on orders, or redirect assistance to the most appropriate agents. 

Moreover, AI technology requires no breaks or rest. It can run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Furthermore, AI quickly acquires new skills to maintain a high level of performance and output. In addition to this, AI helps to reduce the errors that inevitably occur when your team manually handles every customer support inquiry.   

AI in customer experience
Avoiding employee burnout problems 

AI can help employees complete their tasks with ease without feeling overwhelmed or tired. This is why it becomes necessary to implement AI in the work environment. It also helps employees to improve their interpersonal skills, organize work on a day-to-day basis, and subsequently increase job satisfaction. 

Giving security and efficient monitoring 

There is concern that AI can result in a loss of privacy for users. However, through AI-based encryption methods, communication between businesses and between customers is now more secure than ever before. For example, customers now have a high level of trust in Internet banking because they know their data is protected by an AI security system. 

AI in customer experience at Teleperformance

At Teleperformance, we know that the next generation of customer service is powered by AI. This is made possible by the emergence of improved AI technologies such as conversational AI, intelligent automation, and Computer Vision. We are constantly up to date with the latest trends in technology to create better experiences for our customers and empower our staff. Find out more about Teleperformance and take a look at our career opportunities in customer service. 

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